Details Inside About Spotify Stations App Shutting Down on May 16

The firm has announced that Stations, Spotify’s radio-like listening feature, would be discontinued on May 16. A simple listening option called Spotify Stations will be unavailable starting in mid-May, the company has said. A user’s favorite artists can be used to create bespoke playlists using Spotify’s new “Supergrouper” feature.

The Stations app is a perfect choice if you don’t want to have to go out and discover music or make your own playlists. Australian users of Spotify were the first to have access to stations in 2018, followed by US users in 2019.

Users of mobile devices may now follow their friends’ activities in real-time thanks to Spotify’s new “Community” function.

“We typically undertake a lot of trials to offer better listening experiences for our users,” a Spotify representative said. — TechCrunch. Also, Spotify intends to launch an audiobook platform soon.

Some of these tests can improve our overall user experience, while others only offer insightful data. The Spotify Stations Beta was one of those tests.

The current service is being phased out, but Spotify customers will be able to transfer their favourite stations and enjoy a comparable radio experience inside the Spotify app, a spokeswoman said.

Spotify‘s decision to discontinue Stations is unknown, but the firm has said that users can move all of their favourite stations to the main Spotify app to continue listening to them.

Although Spotify does not make decisions like this lightly, it claims that Spotify Radio provides a similar listening experience, so consumers can switch to it. Using Spotify Radio, you may make a playlist based on any song, album, playlist, or artist you like.


With the introduction of Spotify Island on Roblox, Spotify entered the metaverse at last. In this virtual environment, users will be able to play games, make music, and interact with virtual artists.

According to Spotify, visitors to this island can “hang out and discover a wonderland of music, quests, and rare stuff.”

On Spotify Island, which includes a lot of green scenery and “Like” icons in the shape of hearts, players can collect and buy virtual goods from their favourite musical artists. Through the music-streaming website, fans will be able to buy specialised virtual attire for their favourite singers. A portion of the sales revenue will go to the artists.

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