Dragon Age 4 release date rumours, trailer, and Much More!

Dragon Age 4 release date rumours, trailer

Do you enjoy playing video games? This post is especially for you if so. The release of Dragon Age 4 or Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is eagerly anticipated by many gamers. The game had been known for some time, and when it was announced, it was only accompanied by a tonne of concept art.

Future role-playing video game Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is being created by BioWare and will be distributed by Electronic Arts. The game that follows Dragon Age: Inquisition will be called Dreadwolf. The fourth significant game in the Dragon Age series will be it.

We will discuss whether the Dragon Age 4 release date rumours are accurate in this post as well as what new features will be included in the game.

Therefore, we will just advise everyone to read the complete text in order to obtain all of the answers.

Release date rumours for Dragon Age 4

At The Game Awards in December 2018, Dragon Age 4 was unveiled. There was no information provided regarding the game at the EA Play event in July 2021. Keeping silent during this EA Play is really about allowing the publisher time to get the game ready to start marketing it seriously, according to VentureBeat’s Jeffrey Grubb.


The title of the game, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, was revealed in June 2022. The fact that Solas would be the antagonist in the following game and that Dreadwolf would be a direct sequel, which had not previously been the case, made the title reveal of the game “exciting for a lot of fans,” according to Parrish, who now works for The Verge.

Reddit reports from recently in December 2022 made it known that Dragon Age 4 would be released in the first week of February. But after a while, the post was taken down, and maybe or maybe not, this release date is simply a rumour because the game’s creator hasn’t made any official announcements about it.

Dragon Age 4: Will It Be Singleplayer?

Dragon Age 4: Will It Be Singleplayer?

There won’t be a multiplayer option in Dragon Age 4, which is a confirmation of the fact that Dragon Age 4 will just be a single-player game. Fair enough, Inquisition was the only game in the trilogy to attempt multiplayer, and from my own experience playing it, it wasn’t at all horrible. But the thing that matters most, in my opinion—or at least that’s what everyone hopes—is that EA will once more grant BioWare complete creative control over what Dragon Age 4 will be.

Dragon Age 4: Will It Be Open World?

Although nothing has been officially announced, we anticipate that Dragon Age 4 will feature open world once more. We doubt, however, that they would change their approach after promising to make Dragon Age 4 bigger and better given the fact that every game up until Dragon Age 2 was open world. In addition, other places outside Tevinter are seen in the teaser. opening hints for an open world?

Story of Dragon Age 4

Story of Dragon Age 4

The story of the upcoming Dragon Age game was briefly touched upon in a Gamescom 2020 presentation. The first is that we’ll get to see new areas and see new things while interacting with the locals as well. Even if this is hardly novel, it does hint that the Dragon Age 4 plot will take us to totally new areas of Thedas.

Lead author Patrick Weekes states in the same video that “for the game we’re working on right now, we want to present a story of “what happens when you don’t have power? “, and the people in authority aren’t willing to solve the issues.” Again, everything here is rather hazy, but it seems like we won’t be starting the story as a strong noble or tremendous mage.

Although no specific information about Dragon Age 4’s plot has been made public, we do know that Alexis Kennedy, the founder of Failbetter Games, was involved in the writing process. He disclosed that he was working on some story and mythology for BioWare in May 2017. He is reported to have a plot that is distinct from the main narrative yet deeper than lore dumps. In other words, be prepared for talking characters with a backstory.

“If you’ve seen a lot of my previous work, you probably won’t be shocked by the subject matter choice. It’s familiar material,” Kennedy told Eurogamer, implying that his segment will probably have a weird, Lovecraftian feel to it or at the very least, will be heavily focused on death or loss. Maybe it will take place in the Fade, the demonic realm from Dragon Age?


Aside from that, everything information regarding Dragon Age 4’s plot is conjecture. Given the popularity of Inquisition, it is sense to assume that the following game will be a direct sequel rather than a mostly solo tale situated in the same setting as the previous games in the series.

The trickster elf Solas, who turned out to be the deity of betrayal Fen’Harel, vanished at the conclusion of Inquisition, and the Trespasser DLC ended with the Inquisitor promising to find him and foil his scheme to ruin the world. Solas being the main antagonist in the sequel and having to be stopped from ushering in a new era for the old elves makes sense.

The Dread Wolf Rises teaser does provide some background information for the upcoming Dragon Age game; given that Solas is a prominent character, we can infer that the game will continue the story begun in Inquisition and its Trespasser DLC.

Official trailer for Dragon Age 4

At the Game Awards 2020, a brand-new CGI trailer for Dragon Age was released. Although there isn’t much information provided, it does depict Varric and Solas as well as several breathtaking locations that we will probably see when we are finally chosen to be the new hero of Thedas.

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