Eating apples with their skin on: an alternative to lose weight


The apple is a fruit known for its multiple benefits for the body. In general, nutritionists recommend its frequent consumption to maintain a healthy condition and prevent many diseases, to which we can add its fat burning factor.

However, if you are one of those who peel the apple to eat it, you must know that you are making a mistake. The highest concentration of nutrients in this fruit is found in the skin, the components of which are very effective in helping you lose a few pounds.

Whether you consume the whole fruit, in juices, smoothies mixed or chopped in salads, apple peel is very useful for weight loss.

The slimming properties of apple

One of the main active agents in apple peel is ursolic acid, an organic compound that promotes muscle development and prevents muscle degeneration. In short, it contributes to the strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.

In the skin of this fruit, we also find high concentrations of pectin, a complex carbohydrate not assimilated in the intestine, which delays absorption of fats and sugars.

Diuretic effects

Pectin is a water-soluble fiber that facilitates digestive function and promotes the expulsion of fatty waste. The apple is therefore ideal for eliminating toxins. It is composed of 80% water, which promotes hydration with diuretic effects.

In addition, it is a powerful antioxidant that prevents aging and promotes regeneration at the cellular level. Its low sodium concentration reduces salt absorption, prevents water retention and is a healthy alternative to sugary foods.

The benefits of apple peel

Its compounds make apple peel an ideal food for fighting obesity, eliminating fat deposits in the body, purifying the body and losing weight in a healthy and natural way. Here are some of its benefits.

  • Supports digestive health.

Apple peel acts as a mild laxative, improves intestinal transit, promotes absorption of nutrients from food and the release of fat.

  • Reduces cholesterol levels.

It helps to normalize the metabolic functions of the body and to control the levels of sugar and fat in the blood. This promotes circulation and prevents vascular disease.

  • Promotes calorie burning.

Its mineral composition allows the formation of brown fats, which helps to accelerate the combustion of calories and the elimination of fat deposits.

Now that you know the many benefits of apples and apple peels, change your habits. Eat it whole and enjoy its nutrients.

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