Elon Musk reveals stance on gun control, the Second Amendment after Texas school shooting

Elon Musk reveals stance on gun control

Following the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, billionaire Elon Musk had a mixed stance on proposed gun control measures, upholding the Second Amendment while also pushing for tougher background check procedures.

In an email to CNBC, the billionaire Tesla CEO stated that he supported “tighter background checks” as a requirement for all gun sales.

He also proposed placing restrictions on the sale of assault weapons, allowing them to be purchased only by those in specified circumstances, such as shooting range operators and people living in “high-risk zones, such as gang warfare.”

Elon Musk reveals stance on gun control

Musk, on the other hand, is a supporter of the Second Amendment, claiming that it is an essential check on political tyranny.

“I feel that the right to keep and bear weapons is a crucial bulwark against government tyranny.” “Those in authority have traditionally not allowed public ownership of guns in order to keep their grip over the people,” Musk told the newspaper.

Musk spoke out after a rush by a teen gunman killed at least 19 children and two adults, inciting indignation among gun control activists who fear that tougher gun restrictions will lead to more mass shootings in the future. It is vital to avoid.

Ramos apparently bought two weapons used in the attack lawfully at a nearby gun shop, according to several accounts.

On Twitter, Musk shared his thoughts on the improvements that are required to obtain assault guns.


“At least one special permit is required for assault firearms, and the recipient is extensively checked,” Musk stated.

Following the Texas school massacres, Connecticut President Joe Biden and Democratic Senator Chris Murphy were among those who campaigned vehemently for tighter gun regulations. Meanwhile, some Republicans, such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, contend that greater regulations would be ineffectual and violate the Second Amendment.

Musk also slammed media coverage of the Reed Elementary School massacre and other mass shootings, claiming that the story further exacerbated the situation.

“In the case of recent occurrences, the shooters are definitely trying to get as much attention as possible.” Why is the media carrying out the wishes of mass murderers?” In an email to CNBC, Musk stated.

Tesla and SpaceX both have operations in Texas.

Shares of publicly traded gun and ammunition makers soared on Wednesday, barely hours after the shootings, according to The Washington Post. Following major shootings, gun stocks generally rise as investors react to increased calls for gun control legislation.

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