Everything No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update Details Adds To The Game

No Man’s Sky with Wednesday’s free update, Outlaws, No Man’s Sky Outlaws players may experience the harsh and brutal side of space travel. Outlaws focuses on No Man’s Sky’s criminal underworld, which has previously served as filler for the space exploration game. Outlaws give us the tools we need to create our own galactic crime syndicates. While players can already hunt down rogue pirates, shoot up ships for loot, and sail with cargo, Outlaws gives us the tools we need to create our own galactic crime syndicates.

No Man’s Sky has emphasized the game’s planet-side aspects, such as towns and huge sandworms. It’s exciting to see Hello Games return to space and make the game’s space feature more complex and deadly.

No Man’s Sky Outlaws will be released on Wednesday for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Hello Games’ galactic exploration game No Man’s Sky is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer, and the adaptation will contain all of the game’s previous patches.

No Man’s Sky’s latest update includes a slew of new features and tweaks, including space pirate mechanics and combat tweaks.

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Everything No Man's Sky Outlaws

The Sentinel update, which was released last month, was our first major No Man’s Sky update of 2022 that it’s been thrilling to see our PlayStation community ramp up their combat mechs and join the fight against these new threats and challenges in such large numbers.

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No Man’s Sky Outlaws

While we were discussing the most recent “No Man’s Sky” update, developer Hello Games announced another one today. While most “No Man’s Sky” updates introduce major new features, this one, dubbed “Outlaws,” is one of the more intriguing we’ve seen recently. By introducing new outlaw star systems, the Outlaws update (which brings the game to version 3.85) allows you to “become an interstellar rebel.” Outlaw systems will have special technology traders and black marketplaces, according to the patch notes for this update, where players may likely obtain products and techs that aren’t available in other systems.

Everything no man's sky oulaw

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No Man’s Sky Outlaws Combat Boost

It should come as no surprise that fighting has been changed in this new version, given the emphasis on piracy and being an outlaw. Not only can you now fight in the air (which sounds like a really cool feature), but other combat effects like explosions, missiles, and lights have also been improved.

You can now assemble and command a squadron of rogue pilots who will rush to your aid once the combat begins.

Players in No Man’s Sky have had NPC settlements and nice characters run frigates for them; now we’ll be able to send our buddies into combat to assist us.

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