Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series. On October 17, 2021, it began its seventh season. The second half of the season began on April 17, 2022. The Walking Dead is a television adaptation of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard’s comic book series of the same name. Executive producers include Kirkman, David Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Gale Anne Hurd, Scott M. Gimple, Andrew Chambliss, and Ian B. Goldberg. Andrew Chambliss and Ian B. Goldberg are the showrunners for the fourth season in a row.

Morgan’s group, which is dispersed across Texas, is the focus of the season. They’re fighting for survival after Teddy (John Glover) and his followers detonated a nuclear weapon. Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) had a discussion regarding their beliefs while this is going on.

Release Date & Spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13

Fear Season 7 Episode 13 of The Walking Dead will premiere on May 15, 2022. “The Raft” is the title. According to the episode’s official synopsis, Dwight and Sherry will be torn between upholding their code and guaranteeing their safety.

Dwight is also outmanned and outgunned, according to the official trailer. Furthermore, radioactivity has begun to leak. Morgan finds himself accompanying Alicia on her journey. She had intended to return to the bunker to grab a transmitter the last time we saw her. We’re not sure if they’re on the same team.

The New Season’s Exciting Plot

You can now participate in the Morgan group’s activities. However, when Victor Strand and Morgan Jones disagree on several issues, the narrative thickens. Furthermore, the Morgans’ battle will leave an indelible impression on you following Teddy and the group’s nuclear bombing.

Sherry and Dwight’s exploits will be revealed in the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead. The audience is now ready for additional twists after watching Strand and Jones’ high-voltage action sequences in previous episodes. The Raft, the thirteenth episode, will reveal both sides’ true aims. Furthermore, many characters may switch sides as a result of the war. In the midst of all of these concerns, it will be exciting to witness the future sequences. What will Morgan’s reaction be to this predicament, and what will she do next? In this situation, she must trust Daniel.

Episode 13 Synopsis

The thirteenth episode’s trailer is already on the air. As a result, you can get a sneak peek at the action-packed sequences you’re about to see. The 11th episode of this season, according to AMC, will be the final one. The creators, however, decided to prolong the performance due to the great demand. As a result, you’ve seen the scary 12th episode, and it’s now time for episode 13 to be released.

According to the summary for this episode, the new series will centre around the challenges Sherry and Dwight endure. The trailer reveals that they currently lack sufficient people and weapons. As a result, dealing with the current circumstance will be difficult.

Furthermore, you will now witness the disastrous repercussions of radiation leaks. Alicia became Morgan’s constant companion on this difficult trip, assisting her in numerous ways.

In prior episodes, the audience witnessed her go for the channel. She planned to return to the bunker as well. However, it’s still unknown if she’s working for Morgan’s squad or for some other reason. As the plot progresses, it will be exciting to witness the final reveal.

Recap of Fear the Walking Dead season 7 episodes 11 and 12

Daniel’s (Ruben Blades) mental health deteriorated in last week’s episode, “Ofelia,” and Luciana’s (Danay Garcia) care for him while working with him to improve his memory and cognitive skills. Daniel went on a search for his slain daughter Ofelia in this episode, prompting Luciana and Wes (Colby Hollman) to follow him, putting them all in danger when the Stalkers arrested them.

While Dwight (Austin Amelio) and the others were seeking for a weapons cache, Arno (Spence Granese), the commander of the Stalkers, captured Daniel, Luciana, and Wes. He’d overheard the weapons discussion and was curious as to where they were. He wants the Tower for himself, just like Morgan’s (Lennie James) gang, because it is the only safe refuge in the area.


Luciana told Daniel in this episode that the only time he can concentrate is when he is seeking for Ofelia. His combat abilities make him a valuable asset in the fight against Strand, and she felt obligated to assist the gang. As a result of her acts, Wes left and applied for admittance to Strand’s Tower.

Luciana was able to recruit the help of the remaining Stalkers after their commander was killed.

Save The Date

Save the date for the spectacular thirteenth episode, which will be available on AMC and your favorite OTT services. With the scary touch of Fear The Walking Dead Season 7, your May will become extremely energetic. Every scene will bring the viewer more joy, and the plot will grow more interesting in every manner.

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