FF Advance: Free Fire Advance Server APK Activation Code and Many More!

Download the Free Fire Advance Server APK and access the login, activation code, VPN, and all other necessary details for FF players as described on this website. Visit the ff-advance.ff.garena.com site to view the Free Fire updates.

The OB35 Advance Server APK files can now be downloaded using Free Fire Max and Free Fire. Players can get rewards like Gun Skins, Free Diamonds, Titles, Outfits, and more for reporting bugs and glitches in the game, in addition to reporting problems and malfunctions. Players can check for leak updates in addition to being notified of upcoming events.

Anticipated Free Fire Advance Server Registration Date (ob36 Update)

Based on previous releases, the OB36 update for Free Fire will be made available one day before the current Clash Squad season ends. Therefore, it is anticipated that the next version will be made available on September 14, 2022.

Taking the same date into account, the OB36 update Advance Server’s projected release window is from August 30 to September 2. Given that these test servers are often made available a few weeks before to the update, this is expected.

A few days before to the server’s launch, users will also have access to the registration phase, which they must do in order to receive the Activation Code.

Free Fire Advance Server Login and Registration Procedure

One of the most crucial Advance Server functions is registration. An Activation Code, which can only be acquired by registered users, is necessary to access the client. Once this process has started, anybody can register by going through the stages listed below:

The gamer must use Facebook or Gmail to sign up on the official Garena FF or Max Redemption website.

Copy and paste https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com into your browser.

The “Login with Facebook” option for the FF Advance website will then appear in your browser.


Since Garena is the first to provide updates to Indonesia server users, who receive a 100% activation code and download link for the Advance server, we advise signing in with any “Indonesia Server” account via a VPN. Any VPN accessible through Google Play or

You will be directed to a new page after logging in with Facebook or Gmail where Garena Free Fire will request additional information (as mentioned below)

Any valid name, email address, and phone number that the user wants Garena to use to contact them can be entered. Click the “Join Now” button after entering your details.

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