Fighting fatigue: effective solutions


Whether nervous or physical, fatigue generally results from bad lifestyle habits or health concerns such as malnutrition, lack of sleep, allergies, obesity, overtraining, cancer or other disorders. In principle, it has an easily detectable cause, a promising remedy and thus remains transient. Discover the most effective solutions to fight against fatigue.

How does the state of fatigue manifest itself?

Fatigue designates the emotional need or physics of calm and sleep, movements, liquids or oxygen. Health professionals distinguish psychological fatigue (non-organic) from pathological (organic) fatigue. In other words, “normal” fatigue that can be suppressed by simple measures such as sleep differs from symptomatic unhealthy fatigue resulting from a deeper disorder.

In general, fatigue is expressed by weakness, lack of stimulation and reduced attention. Several symptoms may appear depending on the degree of fatigue, such as dizziness, headaches, a feeling of being on the verge of fainting, difficulty concentrating and perception, irritability and some disinhibition. In more intense cases, it is also manifested by a feeling of cold, a slight feeling of drunkenness and hallucinations.

Choose natural food supplements to fight against fatigue

To choose the ideal anti-fatigue food supplement, it is essential to clearly identify the cause of the feeling of fatigue. A deficiency in nutrients remains different from a lack of sleep, or from a weakening of the immune system. Identifying the problem allows you to select the natural product best suited to your situation.

Natural spirulina, to fill up with vitamins and minerals

Taking its name from its spiral shape, spirulina belongs to the family of microalgae or cyanobacteria. There are approximately 1 200 species of blue-green algae. Natural spirulina is a natural food supplement which has significant anti-aging and anti-fatigue properties. It is full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, in particular carotenoids.

You can thus regularly take a course of natural spirulina to gain tone and fight against fatigue. However, be sure to gradually increase the doses, starting with a dose of 1 g per day during the first week, and ending at 3 g per day during the third week.

Royal jelly, to tone the body in depth

Royal jelly is a natural stimulant of the body. This product is mainly dedicated to feeding the queen bee, which gives her a longer lifespan than other bees, and healthier! It also produces mental and physical energy and revitalizes the body. In addition, its richness in nutrients seems ideal for combating fatigue linked to deficiencies.

Rich in amino acids and proteins, royal jelly contains fatty acids and carbohydrates. By consuming this bee product, your body absorbs a large amount of vitamins, trace elements, acetylcholine and antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral substances. Ideally, prefer organic food supplements concentrated in royal jelly.

Phytotherapy and essential oils to the rescue

Indicated against temporary fatigue, ginseng has a root that has been used for thousands of years in natural medicine. Rich in trace elements, vitamins and fatty acids, this perennial plant improves intellectual performance, energizes the body and stimulates mental activity.

You can also use other plants to strengthen your body, like the eleutherococcus whose root remains energizing and anti-fatigue par excellence. Ideal for combating nervous fatigue and stress, it is often prescribed during periods of intense sports training or convalescence.

Specially rich in vitamin C, rose hips or rose hips are perfect to combat fatigue, asthenia and certain viruses. You can also consume it to start winter or get back on your feet after a trying flu.

Also favor cinnamon, lemon and thyme to soothe you, lavender to calm the tensions. They can be consumed in herbal tea or diffused in the air in the form of essential oils.

Guarana, to recover energy

In the long term, guarana increases the amount of energy available. This natural tonic provides an immediate boost, increases cognitive abilities, concentration and endurance. Do not hesitate to use it to deal with a period of temporary and temporary fatigue . This dietary supplement has a specific composition. Its richness in antioxidants, amino acids, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B and calcium makes it a quality anti-fatigue ally. However, it is its richness in naturally stimulating substances such as guaranine or taurine that gives it its energizing and toning properties.

Note that guarana should be taken occasionally, and not over a long period of time. term. It is effective in giving a boost to your body in the event of temporary fatigue. If you suffer from heart disease or sleep disorders, seek medical advice before consuming guarana.

Cola, a short-term anti-fatigue

Chewed for centuries in Africa, kola seeds were eaten to counter intellectual and physical fatigue. The great travelers of the 14th century already favored them before crossing the Sahara, in order to better tolerate hunger, thirst and fatigue. This contribution is explained by the presence of caffeine in the composition of kola.

The results of scientific research and the daily experience demonstrate the interest of this natural product in the fight against fatigue in the short term. The caffeine present in this natural product stimulates the nervous system.

Vitamin C, to benefit from a better tone as soon as you wake up

Fatigue is often associated with a deficiency in vitamin C, allowing on the other hand a better assimilation of iron. There is nothing like citrus fruits to fight against chronic fatigue, thanks to their high content of vitamin C, the presence of ascorbic acid and its regenerating effects. Grapefruit, lemon or orange are therefore to be savored as soon as you wake up.

In the same vein, the kiwi stands out as the king of fruits to provide you with tone and energy. Also prefer acerola to avoid seasonal fatigue linked to stress and overwork , and to boost your immune system. This natural supplement contains a quantity of vitamin C 22 times higher than that of orange.

Consider other natural solutions to fight against fatigue

In addition to food supplements, it would be appropriate also to adopt a certain way of life and to practice certain physical activities to fight against this feeling of physical and/or mental weakness.

A healthy lifestyle

Remember that a state of chronic fatigue cannot be resolved without adopting an optimal lifestyle. The first reflexes to have come down to better stress management, sufficient sleep time and a reduction in harmful substances such as tobacco or alcohol.

Indeed, who says fatigue, says poor quality sleep, and vice versa. To recharge your batteries and get out of this gear, be sure to establish good habits as soon as possible. In times of exhaustion or stress, you should sleep 8 to 9 hours a night at regular times. A good night’s sleep begins around 22 time. If nighttime awakenings and insomnia plague you, compensate for them with short naps of less than 15 minutes during the day, and before 15 h.

Are you one of those who have trouble falling asleep? Practice meditation sessions. Otherwise, you can test cardiac coherence. This technique involves controlling your breathing to match your heartbeat. Stress is thus expelled and quality sleep is regained.

A healthy and balanced diet

A varied and balanced diet is essential to maintain an optimal level of energy in every season. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are found in abundance in colorful vegetables and fruits and will help you replenish your vitality.

What if your fatigue, mental or physical, comes from a poor diet ? For this, respect the three real meals a day, without skipping breakfast. The latter provides one third of the energy used daily. Include complex carbohydrates in each of your menus (bread, leguminous cereals, whole cereals, etc.) for a continuous and slow release of energy. Also prefer oily fish or vegetable oils for the revitalizing benefits of Omega 3.

Think of vitamin B6, the deficiency of which leads to shortness of breath in the nervous system, severe fatigue and anemia . You will find it in yeast, bananas, lentils and nuts. magnesium deficiency can cause increased stress, emotional disturbances, disturbed sleep and low morale. This trace element can be provided by dried fruits (cashew nuts, almonds), whole grains and green vegetables.

Why not introduce yourself to sophrology or yoga?

Did you know that fatigue can be alleviated by regular physical activity? The latter is even an essential ally for combating nervous fatigue and stress by releasing endorphins in the body. If you’re not a gym goer or are planning to slowly return to physical activity, give yoga a try! This discipline, known for its soothing properties, helps to work effectively on postures, breathing, flexibility and endurance. This is a perfect compromise to stay in tune with your body and your mind.

A few sophrology sessions will also help you maintain a positive attitude in all circumstances. This practice will help you improve your general well-being and boost your self-confidence.

Synthetic products intended for fighting fatigue abound in the market today. However, natural, ecological and organic products are still the most recommended in terms of food supplements. So be sure to find out about the products you select before making the purchase.

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