Filmmaker John Waters Complains Trump Forever Ruined Bad Taste

John Waters Complains Trump

Former President Donald Trump has spoiled the weird, kinky allure of terrible taste for all eternity, according to the king of camp filmmaker John Waters, who complained in an interview published Saturday.

According to Waters, Trump was the “nail in the coffin.”

Trump broke all the rules, muttered the cinematic gay visionary, who used his dark humor and camp aesthetic in a slew of famous films, including “Pink Flamingos,” “Female Trouble,” and the original 1988 “Hairspray,” and “Cry-Baby.”


Waters dubbed the “Pope of Trash” and the “Baron of Bad Taste,” remarked, “Trump wrecked it.” (He refers to himself as a filthy old man.)

“As soon as Trump was elected president, the hilarity was gone.” Waters said, “He was the icing on the cake.” “He’s the first person I’ve ever met who hasn’t got awful taste by mistake.”

He explained that “camp” was originally defined as “accidental ill taste.” “However, today’s generation is overly ambitious. That, I believe, is a recipe for disaster. True camp does not do anything on purpose, because it is innocent. It’s quite serious about what it’s doing.”

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