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Gate Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Latest Updates!

Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi night, Kaku Tatakaeri is a popular fantasy light novel series that began in 2006. A manga adaptation was released in July 2011, and three spin-off manga were serialised in 2015.

Despite the fact that the second season of the first season concluded five years ago, supporters are still waiting for the third season. However, we must keep in mind that Gate: Jieitai Kano Chi night, Kaku Tatakaeri is a one-season anime with 24 episodes. Furthermore, A-1 Pictures, the production house, released the first season in two instalments. On one side, the first season aired between July and September of 2015. The second course, on the other hand, took place from January to March of 2016. As a result, each cour had a total of 12 episodes. As a result, Gate Season 3 is solely a fan-created concept. The second season of Gate is what we’re after.

Regardless, it’s been a few years since Gate’s first/second seasons. Fans are still hoping to see one of their favourite fantasy shows, despite the delay. As a result, here’s all we know so far about Gate Season 3’s release date.

When Is ‘Gate’ Season 3 Coming Out?


In previous seasons, the second episode aired on January 9, 2016, and the season finale was on March 26, 2016. Even though there hasn’t been a formal announcement for Season 3, fans are optimistic that it will happen because the show’s creators have plenty of time to revive Gate. Based on our best prediction, the third season will premiere in 2022. Let’s hold off on getting our hopes up till the official announcement.

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Cast of Season 3 of Gate

For the third season, most of the characters from the previous seasons will return. As a result, Gate Season 3 will have the following new features:

Rory Mercury

Rory Mercury has become an apostle to Emory, the deity of darkness, conflict, murder, and death. Her appearance betrays her advanced age, as she seems like a 13-year-old girl.
Thus the JSDF Fought at Lelei La Lalena Gate. One of the protagonists is Lelei La Lalena (Rerei Ra Rena). Rurudo is a human sorcerer and archmage, and the second apprentice of Cato El Altestan, a nomadic tribe’s elder sage. Throughout her captivity, China’s black ops forces referred to her as Jade Wall. Lelei has blue hair and blue eyes. Green button-down dress with a collar.
Youji Itami Princess Pina Co Lada Youji Itami Princess Pina Co Lada Youji Itami Princess Pin
Tuka Luna Marceau is a French actress.
Crown Prince Zorzal is a member of the Zorzal family.

Gate Season 3: What to Expect

The JSDF won the second season. To begin, Youji Itami averts the impending battle between the two worlds. In addition, he guarded and saved Princess Pina Co Lada. Itami expelled Zorzal El Caesar from the capital, restoring good relations between the Imperial Capital and the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF). Youji Itami also prevented the two Worlds from collapsing by reversing the Gate. As a result, Gate Season 3 may simply continue the storyline of the first season.

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Despite this, Zorzal, the first season’s adversary, managed to flee the battlefields with a few of his followers. As a result, he might return in the third with more powerful alliances. There are numerous other storylines in the Gate manga. One of them is inspired on the Japanese Maritime Special Defense Force (JMSDF). As a result, Gate Season 3 could show more exploits in naval warfare. As a result, if the production studio chose to do so, a variety of options could be implemented. Netflix has the anime.

About Gate Season 3

GATE tells the narrative of Youji Itami, an off-duty JSDF officer who was on his way to an otaku event in Ginza, Tokyo, when the city is unexpectedly assaulted by an army of supernatural monsters dressed in mediaeval garb.

A secret entrance at the city’s heart is the source of these magical beings. He saves as many citizens as he can, but the attack leaves the city broken.

Itami is assigned to oversee a task force three months after the catastrophe.

The force’s purpose is to enter the mystery place through the gate in order to learn more about it and, maybe, save the world from a disastrous future.

Gate Season 3 Trailer

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Despite the lack of an official announcement or video for the release of Gate Anime Season 3, Watch official trailer for the gate Season 2.

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