GeorgeNotFound: Check Age, Height, Family, Net Worth, Bio, and More!

As George Henry Davidson, GeorgeNotFound‘s real name, is known. Popular on social media and YouTube, he’s a well-known name. For his YouTube channel, he’s a well-known name. Using his YouTube channel, he posts Minecraft-related videos. On his YouTube channel, he’s amassed millions of subscribers because of his videos. That’s not all. He also has a huge following on Instagram.

Georgenotfound’s net worth

A well-known gamer with so many followers, can you guess his net worth?

He has a net worth of approximately $4.3 million. Some speculate that he earns the majority of his income from YouTube subscription fees. He makes around $70,000 a month from his YouTube videos and ads.

Early life and education

He goes by George Henry Davidson in real life. He was born on November 1st, 1996, in London, England. We don’t know anything about his personal life or his relationships with his family.

The school where he was educated is in London, where he grew up. No further details about his education have been released. However, it is claimed that he was a programmer. Since elementary school, he’d had a penchant for computers and gaming.

Career of GeorgeNotFound

However, George didn’t begin posting to the YouTube channel until the following month, on October 12th, 2013. He started uploading Minecraft-related content to his YouTube channel in early 2019. Before changing it to GeorgeeeHD, he used the moniker “GeorgeeeHD.” After working with Dream, he renamed himself.

An early inspiration for his middle name was an HTTP 404 error message that appeared on websites. With the help of his skills as a programmer, George has co-founded two Minecraft servers: one called Dream SMP and the other called Dream SMP Survival. When he joined Minecraft server MunchyMC, he ran into Dream.

Along with Dream and Snapnap, he is also a member of the Dream Team YouTube channel. It was through Dream that Snapnap and Dream met.

George has amassed a fan base of 9.61 million YouTube subscribers, a Twitch following of $400,000, and an Instagram following of 3 million.

George’s other YouTube channels include

Not GeorgeNotFound
Streams GeorgeNotFound
GeorgeNotFound Shorts

“” is George’s online merchandise store.

Are Dream and Georgenotfound Dating?

Many people are curious about Georgenotfound, and this is a typical query. A rumour circulates about this. There is no romantic attraction between them despite the fact that they are very close friends. He has no prior dating history. To make money, he spends his time playing online games, making YouTube videos, and more.

Does Georgenotfound have an Instagram or Twitter profile?

Social media is where he spends most of his time; he has a large following on Instagram and Twitter.

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He has 3.1 million Instagram followers and posts about 30 times a day. “Georgenotfound” is his username. Aren’t there a few posts? It’s clear from the large number of emoji reactions and likes that he has a devoted following who keep up with his posts just as regularly.

How many followers are there on Twitter?

Do you have any ideas? Almost exactly… Although he’s only got 3.5 million followers, he still posts updates about his personal life on the social media site. @GeorgeNotFound is the handle he has on Twitter. ‘ The best way to stay abreast of his daily activities is to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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How Tall is GeorgeNotFound?

GeorgeNotFound is nowhere to be found. In his pictures, he is 5’9″ and weighs 57 kilogrammes. His hair and eyes are both black.

Like his brother Harry Not Found, GeorgeNotFound was a 5-foot-10-inch tall YouTuber who goes by the name of GeorgeNotFound on the video platform. In his pictures, he appeared to have maintained his weight of 57 kilogrammes. How tall is georgenotfound because of his dark hair and eyes, he appeared to be a serious student!

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GeorgeNotFound is a British video game YouTuber. He is most well-known for his work on Minecraft-related videos.

According to the most recent updates, GeorgeNotFound’s worth is $9 million!

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