Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Much More!

Season 5 of “Good Trouble.” ‘Good Trouble’ is a drama series on television. The emergence of the hit drama ‘The Fosters’ follows sisters Callie and Mariana as they attempt to live grownup lives in Los Angeles. Callie begins working as a legal clerk for a state judge after relocating to Coterie, while her sister begins her career as a software developer.

But, more recently, Callie and Mariana have realised the gravity of their obligations and the difficulties of living independently. As a result, the two sisters must rely on one another for assistance. The game, which was released on January 8, 2019, has received praise for its intriguing narration and excellent character performance. Fans are eager to know when they will see their favourite characters again after a thrilling fourth season. Now you know about Season 5 of Good Trouble.

Release Date for Season 5 of Good Trouble

Season 5 of ‘Good Trouble’ premiered on Freeform on March 9, 2022. The fifth round of the series ended on May 4, 2022, after nine 41-44 minute episodes were broadcast.

Now, let’s go over the specifics of a possible fifth season. The creators have yet to make an official statement about the show returning for a fifth season. Despite the fact that the fourth season has not performed as well as its predecessors, considering the series’ great popularity, viewers may warm up to it soon. This means there’s still a chance the show may be renewed for a fifth season.

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Furthermore, with the new characters introduced in season 4, as well as the story’s startling twists and turns, there is plenty of material for a second season. As a result, a future fifth season of the show can be planned. Not only that, but the parent show ‘The Fosters’ has five seasons, and ‘Good Trouble’ is likely to follow suit and continue for at least one more season. Season 5 could be approved by the end of Summer 2022, taking into account all of the aforementioned factors. If all goes according to plan, the fifth season of ‘Good Trouble’ will premiere in Q1 2023.

What Can We Expect in the Future?

If Good Trouble gets renewed, Season 5 might centre on Mariana and Evan’s new relationship and the consequences for their employment. It may also be revealed whether or not Joaquin tracks down Jazmin. If Angelica confronts Malika about her background, her issues may worsen.

We might learn what happens to Alice and what Gael and Isabella had planned for their child. We’re still waiting to see if Dennis and Davia will be able to reconcile. New surprises could also be introduced to liven up the story of a possible Season 5.

Characters and Cast of Good Trouble Season 5

If Season 5 of Good Trouble is confirmed, Cira Ramirez could reprise her role as Mariana Foster. Sherry Cola and Priscilla Quintana may also reprise their roles as Alice and Isabella, respectively. Joaquin might be played by Bryan Craig again, and Davia could be played by Emma Hunton. In addition, Malika and Dennis can be recognised as Zuri Adele and Josh Pence, respectively.

Kara Wang as Sumi, Tommy Martinez as Gael, Hailie Sahar as Jazmin, TJ Linnard as Evan, Marcus Emanuel Mitchell as Dyonte, and Yasmine Aker as Angelica are all slated to return in Season 5 of Good Trouble.

However, Maia Mitchell and Beau Mirchoff’s characters, Callie and Jamie, have been deleted from the programme, therefore they will not be returning. On the other side, if the show is renewed for another season, a fresh face may appear in the cast when new characters are introduced.

What is the plot of Good Trouble Season 5?

Callie accepts a job offer in Washington, D.C., and bids Mariana and The Coterie farewell in Season 4. Meanwhile, a mystery newcomer called Joaquin arrives in and begins asking questions about the building’s previous residents. He had been looking for his sister Jazmin for a long time, it is later revealed. Gael is struggling to manage Isabella’s and the baby’s requirements, which leads to a big health concern for the infant. Meanwhile, Mariana goes undercover at a competitor to gather information, but her plan quickly becomes complex as she considers her next step.


While Davia tries out burlesque, Dennis and Isabella begin to develop feelings for each other. Mariana later assists Joaquin in his hunt for his sister, and Malika has relationship problems after Angelica meets Dyonte. Not only that, but when Alice returns from her trip, she begins to have difficulties with Sumi. As the fourth season comes to a close, Joaquin discovers significant leads about his sister’s location, while Mariana considers dating Evan with the encouragement of her coworkers. While Alice works up the nerve to return to the stage, Isabella’s parents come up with a fresh plan for the baby in the wake of the health scare.

If the show is renewed, the fifth season might centre on Mariana and Evan’s new romance, as well as the ramifications for their profession. It may also be revealed whether or not Joaquin finds Jazmin. If Angelica confronts Malika about her background, her troubles can get worse. We might find out what happens to Alice and what Gael and Isabella have planned for their kid. We’re still waiting to see if Dennis and Davia can work out their disagreements. To spice up the story of the hypothetical fifth season, new twists may be incorporated.

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