Happiness Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Plot, Trailer And Many More!

The popularity of Korean shows among international audiences has only grown in recent years. Happiness, a post-apocalyptic drama series on tvN, is the newest recipient of this adoration. The first season of the show ended on December 11, 2021. Since then, fans have been waiting to learn when Happiness Season 2 will premiere. What, on the other hand, will happen in the second season? Let’s see what we can find out here.

Is Season 2 of Happiness on the Way?

The first season of the drama series aired on tvN on November 5, 2021, with the season finale airing on December 11, 2021. And the ratings and viewership for the first season were extremely strong. As a result, fans are looking forward to Season 2 of Happiness.

The sitcom was not renewed by the home network and would end after one season, according to PinkVilla. As a result, fans shouldn’t hold their breath for a second season. Those who are disappointed by the news can always go back and watch the first season.

When Will Happiness’ Second Season Premiere?

The Second Season of Happiness (South Korean) Will Premiere on Ott Stream in Late 2022, though this isn’t an official release date from the producer. Season 2 of Happiness (South Korean) is expected to premiere on this date, according to our many reliable sources. This may be postponed due to the impact of Covid. We’ll keep you informed. The Second Season of Happiness (south Korean) is expected to have an official release date and teaser soon. We hope you enjoyed Season 1 of Happiness as much as we did (South Korean). Season 2 of Happiness (South Korean) is, nonetheless, just as suspenseful as the first.

Happiness Season 2 Cast

Yoon Sae-Boom is a member of the Special Police Force (Han Hyo-Joo). She’s a tough cookie who knows what’s right and what’s wrong. He Runs into Problems After Moving Into Her New Apartment.

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Han Tae-Seok, a Lieutenant Colonel Chief, is in charge of the Health Service (jo Woo-Jin). He’s always on the lookout for anyone who may be infected with the disease and are in danger of succumbing to it. Because there were no real-life zombie outbreaks and the drama did not represent an unpopular viewpoint, all criminals had to suffer and heroes had to survive. It Is Worthwhile to Be Modest and Not Compromise Even If The World Is Full of Indifference or Outright Wickedness. This Is The Message I’m Trying To Get Across.

Season 2 of Happiness: Plot and Storyline!

At the end of season one, Tae Seok was put in charge of the situation, and the administration was actively hunting for antibodies. The situation in the apartment complex, on the other hand, is deteriorating. Han Tae Seok arrives with a group of army men at the apartment complex to round up everyone in the building. Those who require incarceration should be secluded, and those who refuse to cooperate should be detained.

Meanwhile, the antibodies were discovered in the elder brother of Na Hyun-Kyung. Viewers were also left with the sense that the ancient couple had the same issue. These data suggest that many others may have produced antibodies as well. As a result, the issue can be dealt with. The story unfolds over the course of a year. Everything seems to have returned to normal. Sae-Bom and Yi Hyun appear to be blissfully married and cohabiting.

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When Happiness Season 2 premieres, it will be intriguing to see what the show has to offer the audience. After the first season’s completion, the second season can pick up the story. On the other hand, it’s possible that it’ll introduce a completely new tale and cast of people to the screen. Fans will get to watch more of Sae-Bom and Yi Hyun’s love story if the first season’s tale is completed.

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