Herschel Walker, After Disparaging Absent Dads, Now Says He Has 4 Kids

Following disclosures that the critic of absentee fathers had a 10-year-old kid with whom he apparently has minimal contact, Republican Senate hopeful Herschel Walker stated that he has four children.

In addition to the 10-year-old, the prospective Georgia senator is the father of a 13-year-old son and an adult daughter, whom he had when he was around 20 years old, according to The Daily Beast. He also has a 22-year-old son, who he previously revealed to the world.

This takes his total number of children to four, according to public records.

“I am the mother of four children.” There are three sons and a daughter in the family. They aren’t ‘undisclosed,’ they are my children. “I love and support all of them,” Walker stated in a statement to HuffPost on Thursday.

Despite inconsistent statements made by his campaign on Wednesday, the former football star, who has gotten the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, said he has never denied having four children.

When Trump appointed Walker to the President’s Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition in 2018, he says he reported the four children to the federal authorities. He allegedly provided a copy of the document he filled out for this appointment with the Daily Beast, which showed the names and ages of all four children.

“I choose not to use kids as props to win a political campaign,” Walker said in a statement to HuffPost. What parent wants their child to be involved in trashy politics like this?”

“Are you saying I hide my kids because I don’t talk about them with reporters in order to win a campaign?” That’s ridiculous. “I can take the fire, that’s politics,” he concluded, “but leave my kids alone.”

Until recently, Walker’s campaign has made no mention of these children. Scott Paradise, his campaign manager, stated in a statement to HuffPost on Wednesday that he had one child while he was single years ago.

“Herschel had a child when he hasn’t married years ago,” according to the statement. “He has always been supportive of the child and continues to do so.” He is incredibly proud of his children. It’s disrespectful and ludicrous to say that Herschel is ‘hiding’ the boy because he hasn’t exploited him in his political campaign.”

Walker’s new children are remarkable because he has been a vocal opponent of children living in fatherless families.

According to the Daily Beast, Walker’s 10-year-old son’s mother had to sue him after giving birth in order to obtain a declaration of paternity and child support from the former NFL player.

According to The Daily Beast, citing a source close to the child’s family, he has not had an active parental role in this younger son’s life, but he does send him Christmas and birthday gifts.


Walker termed fatherless homes a “huge, major problem” in Black neighborhoods in a 2020 interview with conservative activist Charlie Kirk, and characterized himself as acting “like a father” to fatherless youngsters in the Georgia community where he grew up.

“Remember, you may leave the wife, but not your child,” he counsels young men he meets.

Walker slammed Black men who leave their sons to be raised by their mothers in another 2020 interview with conservative video bloggers Diamond and Silk. He compared it to the separation of Black families during slavery.

“You don’t leave that child, even if you have to leave that woman,” he added.

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