How to avoid osteoarthritis with simple gestures?


How to protect against osteoarthritis? If the prevention of this joint disease goes through a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight, good daily reflexes also make it possible to limit the risks, such as: taking care of your posture and keeping yourself as straight as possible possible.

Standing straight spares joint cartilage

But how can a neat and straight posture prevent osteoarthritis? This mechanical disease actually comes from wear and tear on the cartilage at the joints (knee, hip, wrist, shoulder, vertebrae, etc.). However, when you stand up straight, the pressure on your joints, bones and intervertebral discs are low, and you are less likely to damage them and suffer from osteoarthritis and back pain.

Poor posture compresses the discs of the vertebrae

You tend to curl up on yourself or slump in your chair as soon as the opportunity arises? Bad idea, because as soon as you deviate from the vertical position, your muscles tense, your discs become deformed, compress, and pain can easily appear. To preserve your joints, keep this good position in mind. Little by little, it will even become a reflex: position corrections will happen naturally, without you having to think about it.

For more useful information and advice

You can find out all about preventing osteoarthritis by referring to my book “To put an end to osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, the natural pain relief method”. Doctor Gilles Mondoloni, Editions Solar 2016.

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