How to Change Instagram Name: Here Some Amazing Steps to Change Username From Instagram!

How to Change Instagram Name

Despite being one of the most fundamental aspects of our social media lives, usernames are essential to our capacity to be found and recognized on many sites. They frequently act as a form of “mission statement” for our accounts, outlining our goals and letting others know what we’re about.

Getting the desired username on well-known social networking platforms, particularly on photo and video sharing websites like Instagram, might be challenging. You may occasionally outgrow a username because it no longer accurately describes who you are. Most social networking platforms let users change the usernames of their profiles for circumstances like these.

username versus display name

Before making any hurried decisions, you should be aware that your Instagram display name and username are different. Your display name, which is effectively your personal name or the name of your business, has few restrictions. You are free to change it whenever you like, and it doesn’t have to be anything exceptional.

Changing your username might help if you have difficulties remembering it. However, your Instagram username will always appear before your profile picture. It’s what others use to “@” you on Instagram and what is added to the end of your Instagram URL. Instagram usernames are subject to further restrictions.

exclusively your account.
30 or fewer characters.
Contains just capital letters, numerals, punctuation, and underscores (no spaces or other symbols).
No limited language or profanity.

How Do I Change My Instagram App Username?

Instagram’s official app will be our starting point for the first tactic we’ll discuss because the social media site places a strong emphasis on mobile devices. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to complete the procedure, presuming you’ve already thought of a memorable new username.

You can change your Instagram username by tapping the profile icon in the lower right corner of the app to view your profile. Then, select the “Edit Profile” link that is located next to your bio. Enter your new Instagram handle in the Username field, and then touch the checkmark in the top right.


The topic has been covered. Instagram handle restrictions have already been covered. If the requirements you’ve set for your new username aren’t satisfied, a red exclamation mark and the words “Username not available” will show up. Try again if your initial choice of username doesn’t work.

Install the Instagram app, then sign in.
In the bottom right corner, tap your profile symbol.
Click Edit Profile just below your bio.
In the Username field, type your new username.
In the top right corner, tap the checkmark.

How Can I Modify My Computer or Browser Username?

It’s as easy to alter your Instagram username as it is to do it in a computer browser. The steps are nearly the same. This is what you need to accomplish. Visit to log into your account. Select your profile from the menu that follows in order to continue.

Select it to open the preferences menu. It ought to be possible to edit your profile. Put your new name in the Username field. You’re ready to go once you click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

Remember that you won’t be informed if the desired username is already in use, unlike when you alter your Instagram username within the program. Instead of submitting, you will see a notice if your username is incorrect. Again, we’ve outlined the process below for your convenience.

Visit and sign in there.
In the top right corner, click the profile symbol.
Select Settings.
Then select Edit Profile.
In the Username field, type your new username.
At the bottom of the page, click Submit.

What occurs if your username is changed?

As soon as you press the submit button on a computer or the checkmark icon on a mobile device, the new Instagram username will become active. This suggests that if it gets into the wrong hands, it will always be out of your reach.

Any website that links to your Instagram account will now display the above error warning if you change your Instagram username because you’ll also need to change the URL for your Instagram account. Check to see if you’ve recently updated all of your online presence, including blogs and social media pages.

The good news is that since it’s the same account, you won’t have to start from scratch. Even if they might be confused by the change, the same people will still follow you. Even if some people could become disinterested in the account or stop following it as a result of this, it shouldn’t prevent those who are only wanting to share photos with their pals.

Because your Instagram profile will be updated anywhere it appears on Instagram, you can be sure that any comments you’ve left on previous posts won’t any longer link to a closed account. Your new username is required to tag you in new posts, but older postings cannot be altered.

Why Is It So Hard To Change My Username On Instagram?

Instagram will probably reject your suggested username if it doesn’t meet the aforementioned requirements. The intended username already exists, which is the most frequent reason for this error. Reverting to a previous username might not be possible if someone else snatched it up before.


This can be because the app has a cache of your former user name if you’ve just changed your Instagram username. This is at best a small annoyance because everyone else can see your new username and the issue usually goes away on its own within a few hours. If necessary, you can restart your phone. Uninstalling Instagram and reinstalling it is a guaranteed fix if that doesn’t work.

Finding Users With New Usernames

Even though a new Instagram handle may seem like a blank page, it’s nevertheless simple to find followers. If you have already started following the account, it will still be shown in your follower’s list and new updates will still show up in your feed.

When searching for an Instagram user’s display name, you might still see accounts that have changed their username. If the account is open to the public and the display name has not changed, you should be able to quickly locate it using a search engine.

The account can be tracked back to its initial point of connection as a final resort. A recent post in which they were tagged or an old one on which the account commented are both options. Finding a previously undiscovered Instagram handle is simple, but try to avoid acting strange if you do.

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