How to Change Wallpaper On Apple Watch

How to Change Wallpaper On Apple Watch

How to change the wallpaper on an Apple Watch is probably not something you pay much thought to, if you’re like most people. Do you realise, though, that you can truly alter it?

That’s correct, you can quickly alter the appearance of your watch by following a few easy steps. Consequently, changing your wallpaper is a terrific way to personalise your Apple Watch, whether you want to display your favourite photographs or simply select a new colour or pattern.

How to Change the Apple Watch’s Wallpaper

Create a wallpaper album.

Create a unique album in the Photos app before you can set wallpaper on your Apple Watch. This is so that the Photos Watch Face on the Apple Watch may fetch pictures from the associated app. To create an album in Photos, follow these steps:

On your iPhone, launch the Photos app.
Albums is the toolbar tab at the bottom.
Tap the Plus icon in the top right corner.
Tap New Album on the drop-down menu.
Give your Album a name, then hit Save.
Look over your pictures and decide which ones to include in the album.
In the top right corner, tap Done.

How to make your own personalised Apple Watch wallpaper

How to Change Wallpaper On Apple Watch

You can now use any image or photo to make your own unique background for your Apple Watch. This is how:

Select the picture or image that will serve as your wallpaper. Make sure the orientation is landscape.
The Share menu will appear if you tap and hold the image.
Select “Create Watch Wallpaper” by tapping it.
You can select to have your image appear in the “Pride” or “Motion” background and it will be cropped to fit the Apple Watch screen.
In order to apply your new wallpaper, tap the “Set” button.
The top locations to look for top-notch Apple Watch wallpaper

High-quality Apple Watch wallpapers can be found in a few different places. Listed here are some of our favourites:

Every week, iMore compiles a selection of our favourite freshly updated wallpapers for the iPhone and iPad. You might find unusual and distinctive designs here that you might not be able to find elsewhere.

Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac are the focus of a whole section of 9to5Mac. They routinely update their large collection of high-quality photos.

-AppleWatchWallpapers subreddit: The only topic covered on this subreddit is wallpapers for the Apple Watch. There are a tonne of fantastic pictures here, and more are always being added.

How to stand out in the Apple Watch wallpaper category

There are a few things you can do to make your Apple Watch wallpaper stand out from the rest. Consider utilising wallpaper that has a light or vibrant colour palette first. Your watch face will become more readable and apparent as a result. The second option is to use a picture with a high contrast ratio. The more contrast there is, the easier it will be to see your watch face. You can now include text in your wallpaper. Your watch face will become more readable and informative as a result.

How Can I Change the Face of My Apple Watch?

How to Change Wallpaper On Apple Watch

The Photos watch face shows photos of your choosing, but you may also change other aspects of it.

There are more sections outside the Content section that you can change.

You can pick whether the time should appear at the top or bottom of your screen using Time Position.
You can add elements to the existing face using complications, and you can choose which ones to place at the top and which ones to place at the bottom.

The Best Way to Create a New Watch Face from a Photo

The Photos watch face shows pictures from memories, albums, or your favourite photos. If you want to display various photos on the face of your Apple Watch, this is fantastic.

Some people may, however, prefer a static watch face, and if this is the case, you may set one through the Photos app on your iPhone.

To accomplish this, follow the instructions below:


Your iPhone should now be in the “Photos” app.
Choose the image that you wish to use.
The Share button, which resembles a box with an arrow sticking out of it, must be tapped.
Click “Create Watch Face” after scrolling down.
If the image is a portrait, you can now select the “Portraits Watch Face” option. Due to depth information, your iPhone will somewhat animate it. However, you also have the choice of a “Kaleidoscope Watch Face,” which uses a kaleidoscopic effect to transform it into an abstract design, or you can just select a “Photos Watch Face” for a static image on your Apple Watch screen.

Last Words

Simply launch the Watch app on your smartphone, navigate to the Face Gallery, and choose the Photos face to change the background image on your Apple Watch. To alter the background of your Apple Watch face, you can select from a variety of options.

You may also just open the Photos app on your phone and select the image you wish to use as a face. On the photo page, click the Share link and then select “Create Watch Face.”

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