How to Get Overwatch League Tokens and New Overwatch Skins

Do you want to show your support for your neighborhood Overwatch squad while transferring the payload? Considering that Blizzard is now supplying

we give free Overwatch League tokens that you may use to purchase a skin from the team you support.

By registering on the official Overwatch League website or verifying your current account, you can receive 100 Overwatch League tokens on either a PC or a console.

details. The only information we have on you is your name, the email address associated with your account, the Overwatch League teams you root for, and your country.

information that you must supply.

If you finish this before April 29, the tokens will be added to your account by May 6. You must also already own a PS4, Xbox One,

An Overwatch account, a Switch, or a PC game license.

Your tokens are not good in China or Japan and must be used by May 31. You’ll only need a few tokens from the free offer to purchase one of the new skins, for which

each token costs 100 tokens. After that, you can purchase additional packs of 100 tokens for $5 each.

The Overwatch League’s in-person events for March and April had to be cancelled by Blizzard because to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, although matches are still being played.

online game. Unlike the 2019 season, they can only be accessed through YouTube. The game’s final character, Echo, was planned to show up in the shelved

Titan MMO is finally coming, though. Titan can also be connected genetically to other characters, such as Tracer, the video game’s mascot.

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FAQ on Overwatch League Tokens

Players may now use League Tokens, a new form of cash, to buy skins for their favourite Overwatch League teams.

To make these purchases, you must either acquire League Tokens from the in-game store or take advantage of the numerous free token deals that are available.

completely separate from the Loot Box system (more on those in a moment).

The newest Overwatch League skins each cost 100 tokens. These Tokens can be purchased in the US and the UK for the following prices:

100 League Tokens cost $9.99.

200 League Tokens cost 8.99.

400 League Tokens for 16.99

900 League Tokens cost 34.99.

2600 League Tokens for 87.49

For July 4, 2022, see the following Garena Free Fire Max Redeem Codes: Use Codes to Redeem the Latest FF Rewards

The table above shows how much you need to pay in order to unlock a team’s colour scheme for each hero that is currently available in the game.

To unlock the skins, just go to the Overwatch League section of the main interface and select the team whose colours you want to use.

Following then, a list of all 26 Overwatch heroes will show up. All you have to do to unlock the game if you have enough tokens in your bank is click the Unlock button on the

To get the desired skin, swipe right from the screen.

Here is a video that shows how everything works in the game:

Overwatch League Tokens for free

The most recent free Overwatch League Token offerings will be added to this section over time. If there is a giveaway that isn’t featured here, please let us know.

In order for us to update the article, kindly let us know in the comments.

Approach #1

Blizzard announced a new way to obtain free Overwatch League Tokens on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

By connecting your Twitch account to,, or, you can receive one League Token for each map win.

A single League Token will be given to spectators each time a map in a live broadcast comes to an end. Actually, 100 Tokens will be awarded to a random group of admirers!

On the official Overwatch League website, there is a dedicated thread with instructions on how to do this account connection. Keep in mind that locals in

The additional step that Canada must take is described on that page.

Approach #2

Logging into the game is the first step in obtaining a large quantity of free League Tokens. When you’ve done that and looked into the new

You’ll receive 100 tokens as a bonus when you click the Overwatch League tab that has been added to the title screen. Nice and easy, huh? Only the first time will this work.

Obviously, after logging in after the League’s start date.


Approach #3

If you don’t mind a small bit of light spam in your email, try this other strategy for getting some free League Tokens. Upon registering for Overwatch

You’ll get an additional 100 tokens absolutely free when League Updates.

By January 31st, 2018, you must sign up for these email alerts to receive access to these extra delights. You can input your address at the official website.

Just a little further down the page, you’ll see the black box on the Overwatch League website.

constraints on accounts

The first thing to keep in mind, though, is that in order to receive these free tokens, your account must be in good standing.

currently available.

You won’t be able to pick them up if you have been silenced or if penalties have otherwise restricted your account. I believe that this is Blizzard’s

upcoming battle against poison.

As far as we are aware, there are no other ways to obtain free Overwatch League Tokens. When new strategies for doing this are made available by Blizzard, we’ll update this article.

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