How to lose weight simply by choosing the right sources of sugar


Losing weight involves controlling sugar sources. We absorb far too much sugar for our metabolism. Knowing the glycemic index of a food rich in carbohydrates makes it possible to classify all the foods providing sugars and to better choose its sources. Good news, you can eat chocolate without feeling guilty.

Here is a table that will help you identify the sources of sugar or starches according to the rise in blood sugar they cause on a scale of 1 to 100 with as reference the glycemic index of glucose equal to 029.

perte de poids et sucre
Losing weight involves controlling sugar sources.

Low glycemic index: As few processed foods as possible

For the same food, the glycemic index varies according to its texture (in grains, in semolina, in flour or in solid pieces and in liquid puree, etc.) or the cooking techniques used (cooking in the oven or frying in dry heat or cooking with water).

New cooking techniques used in the food industry such as the extrusion of Many cereal products (puffed grains, crackers or extruded biscuits, etc.) increase the glycemic index. Once again eat as little processed foods as possible.

Low Glycemic Index foods high in fiber

By reading this table, you will notice that most foods with a high glycemic index are devoid of fiber, while foods with a glycemic index low are on the contrary rich in fiber.

Dietary fibers are present in the walls of plant cells, they are not digested by the amylases of the human digestive tract, they ” gorge” with water, and slow down the passage of glucose through the intestinal mucosa and act in this way on the metabolism of carbohydrates, as well as that of cholesterol.

Not all fibers are created equal

Some fibers should even be avoided : thus lignin, which is a hard and irritating fiber present in the bran of whole cereals and the skin of legumes, is a poorly soluble fiber , which does not swell with water: it has little effect on slowing down the passage of sugars and fats.

On the contrary, the more soluble fibers of green vegetables and very soluble or even gelatinous fruits, seaweed and oat bran swell in the presence of intestinal water to form a thick gel which will effectively slow down the passage of nutrients from the intestine to the blood.

In practice: it is not useful to attack your intestines with the irritating fibers of wholemeal bread or bran flakes, choose semi-whole grain products and if necessary add a little bran. oats.

Combine lipids and proteins to avoid pump stroke

And the association of proteins and lipids during a balanced meal will lower the GI of the latter; this is why very often the composition of breakfast is too often high in carbohydrates (white bread, jam, orange juice) and with a very high glycemic index!! No wonder then to suffer the too famous “pump” of 11 h.

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control of sources of sugar

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