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How to watch Overwatch 2 developer livestream

To tide fans over until the Overwatch 2 beta launches next month, Blizzard is hosting a livestream conversation that could reveal further details about what to expect in the long-awaited sequel.

Blizzard will host an Overwatch 2 developer livestream this afternoon, bringing together key members of the development team to discuss their views of the game’s alpha. Several members of the development team will join game director Aaron Keller and voice of the Overwatch League Soe Gschwind to “discuss early Overwatch 2 alpha impressions and goals for the first closed beta.”

Fans interested in watching can do so on Overwatch’s official Twitch channel, where the livestream will begin at 2 p.m. CT. It’s unclear how long the broadcast will go or what will be addressed, but it’s probable that the team will talk about the new maps, hero tweaks, and potentially other things that haven’t been made public yet. The webcast is also anticipated to show a tiny sample of gameplay footage from the alpha, which has only been made available to a few key members of the Overwatch community.

Overwatch 2’s closed beta registration is now open on the official Overwatch website. The beta will begin in late April, though no precise date or duration has been announced. It will allow players access to a number of the game’s new features in order to give them a taste of what they can anticipate from the game’s official release, which has yet to be set. This limited beta will only be available to PC players; no console beta has been announced as of now.


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