Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained: Season 2 Episode 8 Recap!

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained Season 2 Episode 8 Recap!

The majority of Hunters season 2‘s two storylines take place at various points in the 1970s, with two flashback stories taking place even earlier. After Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman) learned that Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) was truly the vicious Nazi doctor Wilhelm Zechs, Season 2 of Hunters begins up two years later, with the ragtag group of Nazi hunters coming together for one last mission. A parallel storyline in Hunters’ second season explores the past of the show’s creators, Meyer and Wilhelm, in order to learn the truth about how their Nazi-hunting group was founded. The season’s main plot centres on the titular team’s quest to find and kill Adolf Hitler in Argentina.

Since Ruth’s time in the early 1940s death camps was extensively flashed back in the first season of the Amazon original series Hunters, the usage of several time periods is nothing new for the programme. Although Amazon’s Hunters’ second season and first season are extremely similar, the frequent time jumps within each episode may be perplexing.

The multiple timelines in the last season of Hunters—including Jonah’s search for Hitler, Meyer’s flashbacks to the group’s formation, Chava’s Nazi-hunting flashback, and Zev’s “ghost story”—are able to successfully wrap up the heroic missions and compelling stories of the main characters.

How Hunters Season 2 Comes to a Close

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained Season 2 Episode 8 Recap!

The flashback that focuses on Meyer’s story is trimmed into the conclusion. Ruth and Meyer search for Heinz Richter, a Nazi, in 1977. In a frightening turn of events, Meyer calls Heinz to alert him to an impending attack. Heinz receives Ruth’s address along with his name, effectively sealing Ruth’s fate. Ruth’s murder was brought about by Meyer. Did he have hidden motivations or was he just getting nervous that she would figure him out?

Returning to the present, it appears that everything turned out OK in the end.


Congressional Gold Medal is given to Millie, and Jonah weds Clara. Even still, Millie admits to killing the Bishop because she still feels horrible about it. However, they choose to disregard Millie’s admission, preferring that she be viewed as a hero, while Jonah continues to have fears that he is a monster. Jonah is consoled by Millie, and he does the same. Both of them require care for emotional scars.

After the wedding, Sister Harriet pays Jonah a visit and gives him a late gift. There are Heinz Richter’s toy store’s phone records inside. These demonstrate that Meyer called Heinz the day Ruth was killed. Jonah understands that Meyer effectively gave the order after tipping Heinz off. Ruth lost her life as a result of learning that Meyer was the Wolf. Jonah ultimately fitting the puzzle pieces together and understanding how and why his grandmother was killed makes for a sort of depressing conclusion.

We get even further away from a happy conclusion in the very last scene. While toasting to fresh beginnings while on their honeymoon, Jonah and Clara become distracted. He notices an elderly German man who is suspiciously staring at him. Jonah won’t likely ever feel really secure again. The Hunters may have eliminated the Nazis and permanently imprisoned Hitler, but in the process, they have only gained new foes. The premise of the show is that the pursuit of justice is an uphill struggle with no real winners.

Who Was Responsible for Ruth’s Murder?

Hunters Season 2 Ending Explained Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Harriet told Meyer about Heinz Richtar, a Nazi official, back in 1975, while Meyer was still alive and running the Hunters. Ruth was sceptical of Meyer, so she drew closer to him to examine the scar on his breast. However, this was just a ruse, and Ruth actually pulled out a picture of the Wolf from his shirt pocket. Later that day, Meyer found the missing picture. The only way he could stop Ruth from taking it was to kill her, so he made the decision to do so. Over the phone, he informed Richtar that Ruth was in possession of the knowledge and was aware of his identity. This implied that Richtar had gotten the tip from Meyer, who was actually to blame for Ruth’s demise. Additionally, Ruth eventually discovered that Meyer was the Wolf before Ruth was killed. But Richtar killed her before she could speak or alert anyone.


Jonah was relieved to find Clara by his side when he awoke in the hospital. Everyone attended their wedding, and they got married as scheduled. Morris and Harriet were romantically involved. Nobody was aware that Morris had murdered Bishop Prentz because she was being praised everywhere for her bravery. Joe was roaming as free as a bird, and Roxy was content living alone with her daughter. After Lonny won an Oscar, Mindy’s life continued. But after a few days, Harriet came up to Jonah and handed him the call logs for Heinz Richter. The phone logs revealed to Jonah that Meyer, or the Wolf, had called Richtar last on the evening Ruth was killed. Jonah was pleased of himself for slaying the Wolf who had killed his soul rather than becoming enraged. He had expressed his desire to withdraw from the Nazi search to Harriet, but she had argued that evil never rests and why should they? Clara was happy that she and Jonah were visiting Miami for their honeymoon, but she had no idea that their trip was more than just a romantic getaway since Jonah had his sights set on a shadowy old man who was waiting for someone there. Jonah’s next task was to find this man because he might have been a participant in some horrible deed.

Last Words

Despite having an intriguing and thrilling beginning, the second season of “Hunters” ended abruptly. It should have been accompanied with a number of backstories, such as how Zev and Chava met and how Chava hired Harriet. Was it prior to or following Ruth’s slaying? Many aspects, however, remained unanswered, including Hitler’s route from Argentina to the United States and why no one even attempted to punish Eva Braun or Travis. Only Al Pacino’s portrayal made Meyer Offerman’s part interesting, but by the end of Season 1 and midway through Season 2, we already understood that he was to blame for Ruth’s passing. But overall, it’s a pretty fun series with plenty of surprises, thrills, and the most menacing-looking Hitler (Udo Kier) ever.

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