I’m Getting Ripped Tonight Meme: Know in Detail About the Viral Tiktok Trend

“I’m getting torn tonight” is taken from a song by Doja Cat and Starboi3. It’s called D*ck, and it’s fairly graphic, as you might expect. Doja sings a line right after the chorus that says, “I’m getting ripped tonight.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the meme, it entails someone saying “I’m getting ripped tonight” while tensing their biceps. They then cross themselves and add while pulling their arms down and back behind their hips.

I’m sure you’re all looking forward to seeing what I’m Getting Ripped Tonight has in store. Let us know which one you’re most excited for!

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I’m Getting Ripped Tonight

“Tonight I’m Getting Ripped” The fad started as a basic imitation dance (which consists of the lyrics).

You’ll choose to use each finger to generate a helicopter-like, rotating action before placing them on your chest. Finally, you’ll select to lift each finger in the air slowly and deliberately.

A word of warning to those eager to practice the dance routine: playing “D–k” in a home with conservative parents can lead to some disturbing images later on. Despite the vagueness of the refrain, the song’s tranquility is anything from fuzzy.

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Some people used the lyrics in tweets to express their unwavering opinion of well-known music groups like BTS. Others took it to Twitter to raise attention to the unexpected side effects of seeing too many “I’m Getting Ripped Tonight” movies in a row.

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