Invincible’s Most Important Hero Is Atom Eve (Not Mark Grayson)

Mark Grayson, Atom Eve, and Omni-Man, from Robert Kirman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley’s Invincible, are among the most popular comic book characters right now, especially since the launch of Amazon Prime’s exclusive collection. Mark (AKA Invincible) was reintroduced as the narrative’s protagonist in the first season. He learns what it means to be a superhero during the first few adventures of his superhero career. Despite this, Atom Eve emerges as a superior hero to Mark throughout the novel.

Atom Eve’s chemical manipulation abilities have earned her renown. Eve has a power that rivals Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan when she is under significant stress. Eve, on the other hand, can turn a stone into a cheeseburger even in the most relaxed of situations. As the comedian’s e-book collection grows, the borders of her control become increasingly blurred. Her exact character, persona, and ethical stance, on the other hand, define who she is more than her atomic alteration abilities.

She helps those who are truly in need

Atom Eve’s lowly beginnings within the Teen Crew put her in a stable position to apply her skills for the greater good, which actually aids Invincible in his superhero career. Mark joins the Teen Crew soon after receiving his powers, and because Eve attends the same high school as Mark, she is able to help him navigate the early stages of becoming a superhero while also keeping his social life in check. Mark soon realises Eve is wooing the Teen Crew’s most volatile member, Rexplode, and chooses to treat her as a friend. Eve’s relationship, however, quickly becomes tumultuous when Rex cheats on her with Dupli-Kate, a fellow Teen Crew member. Eve’s unrequited state of affairs flips when she discovers Mark initiated a connection with a highschool peer, Amber Bennett, even though she eventually opens up as much as Mark. In any case, Eve undergoes some reflection and discovers a more effective way to apply her abilities.

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Eve resolves to use her abilities to assist poor African towns with dry land because she can transform non-living materials into renewable or non-renewable assets. Despite the fact that Superman did so once before in Paul Dini and Alex Ross’ legendary DC Christmas comedy, Superman: Peace on Earth, superheroes rarely use their superpowers for completely pure and humanitarian causes. Eve chooses to be as altruistic as possible, putting the needs of the hungry, nomads, and the environment first. She also conjures up readers of Invincible who lack the ability to help those who are less fortunate. However, in a Robert Kirkman narrative, tragic events frequently shake folks out of their routines, even if they are decent ones. Eve, together with Mark, has finally returned to reunite with familiar heroes. Eve’s early days as a selfless humanitarian, on the other hand, were among her best in the series.

Atom Eve is a loyal friend who will never betray her closest friends.

When Mark Grayson’s powers are lost in Invincible #90, Zandale Randolph (AKA Bulletproof) temporarily takes over as Invincible. Throughout this time, Mark feels extremely helpless. Eve, on the other hand, remains by his side and ensures that he is safe. In the same way that Mark did when he was Invincible, the new Invincible confides in Atom Eve. Zandale, on the other hand, misunderstands Eve’s devotion as infatuation. Zandale indicates that he wants to get sexual with Eve while soothing her while she’s sad, but Eve rejects him without hesitation. Zandale’s uneasy experience with Eve demonstrates that she would never violate Mark’s trust. Mark, of course, regains his abilities and reclaims his status as Invincible.

Eve and Mark decide to marry many years later, in Invincible #102. Eve accepts Mark’s proposal before he ever asks, and it leads to their family. This is due to the future Eve from issue #34, yet again. Because Invincible and Atom Eve get along so well, they make excellent parents and raise Terra. Their family becomes the structure for a new Viltrum Empire, which they are unaware of until the very last minutes of the comic book run. The Viltrumites discover a new purpose after learning why mankind is worth saving thanks to Omni-eventual Man’s redemption. With Eve by his side, Mark assumes his father’s place and promotes peace and justice across the galaxy.

She is always available to Mark

Eve finally assists Mark in his leadership of the Viltrum Empire, reminding him of his humanity and assisting him in determining the most effective method to employ his abilities. When Mark ascends to the throne of the Viltrum Empire, he unleashes a force that seeks to bring peace to the galaxy as a whole. The collection concludes with Mark and Eve in a house with their kid, and all of their struggles pay off with the two being the happiest they’ve been since they started dating. Despite the fact that Mark’s Viltrumite blood allows him to live longer, he believes Eve’s humanity will not allow her to remain in his presence indefinitely.

Eve’s powers kick in just as she’s about to die of old age, reverting her back to her younger self. The two spend the rest of their lives as protectors of the galaxy, leaders of the Viltrum Empire, and humanitarian heroes, inspired by Eve’s first experience serving in Africa’s impoverished villages. Eve demonstrates that she is physically, emotionally, and ethically capable of remaining with Mark after the events of Invincible.

When it comes to the narrative of Atom Eve and Invincible, it boils down to a whirlwind of emotions and experiences as a superhero and as a young woman coming of age. Throughout their character histories, each Mark and Eve tried everything they could to focus on the truth. Despite the fact that Atom Eve is not the protagonist of Invincible, she demonstrates from the outset that she has a pure heart and is willing to help others long before Mark Grayson.

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