Iphone Se3 Coming out soon: expected release date, price, specs, rumors and everything else

Iphone Se3 Coming out soon: expected release date

Apple’s speculated iPhone SE 3 is expected to launch in March. And Apple’s new low-cost phone will have a lot to live up to. The newest model, the iPhone SE (2020), packs a strong A13 Bionic chip into a small package. The iPhone SE is still a great phone, even if it is a little antiquated now.

However, Apple may remedy that old sensation with the iPhone SE 3. According to rumours, Apple will provide a number of significant iPhone SE enhancements, including 5G connection and the same strong A15 Bionic CPU featured in the iPhone 13.

Not only would the new chip increase performance, but it would also improve photography and extend battery life.

It’s no surprise that the iPhone SE 3 is one of the phones we’re most looking forward to in 2022.


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News about the iPhone SE 3 Release date (updated March 7)

Several information concerning the iPhone SE 3, including capacity and colour options, have been confirmed by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

A leaker discovered a mobile carrier placeholder page for the iPhone SE 3, giving credence to the notion that the phone will be released on March 8.

A fresh Apple event has been scheduled for March 8, and it’s possible that we’ll see the iPhone SE 3 there.

According to a leaked Belkin screen protector, the iPhone SE 3 could be released on or around March 10.

Rumours about the iPhone SE 3’s release date

According to all of the current speculations, the iPhone SE 3 will be unveiled during Apple’s next presentation, which has been scheduled for March 8.

This is supported by the discovery of a placeholder store page for the phone on the website of an Asian mobile carrier, implying that it believes (or knows) the phone is on the way.

To add to the confusion, a leaked listing for a Belkin screen protector claims that the iPhone SE 3 will be released on or around March 10. When an accessory is mentioned as available for purchase, it means it is available for purchase/

Intriguingly, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the company plans to release a new iPhone SE model in 2023, with a larger display.

If you’re not sure if the buzz is justified, see our guide to deciding whether to wait for the iPhone SE 3 or buy the iPhone SE now.

Expected Price of iPhone SE 3

According to one report, the iPhone SE 3 might cost as little as $300. According to Loop Capital Markets analyst John Donovan, according to an article in Investors Business Daily. Analyst Daniel Ives, on the other hand, expects Apple will keep the $399 beginning price, though he does not rule out a lower pricing.

The iPhone SE 3 might sell more than a billion units, according to JP Morgan, because it will appeal to “roughly 1.4 billion low-to mid-end Android phones and about 300 million older iPhone model customers.”

That’s a big figure, but it appears that competitive pricing and trade-in value could help. While Apple’s trade-in value for older Android phones vs older iPhones is biassed in favour of Apple phones, Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at JP Morgan, believes the iPhone SE 3 will have an average starting price of between $269 and $399. The iPhone SE 3 could sell in large numbers if it is offered at a competitive price.

What we expects from the iPhone SE 3

We’d like to see a few things improved for the iPhone SE (2020), as nice as it is.

5G: Now that other phone manufacturers are delivering 5G phones for around $500, if not under $400, it’s time for Apple to follow suit with its affordable device. Despite the fact that 5G networks are still being implemented, buyers deserve connectivity that is future-proof.

OLED display and greater resolution:

The LCD on the iPhone SE (2020) is good, but we’d prefer the iPhone SE 3 to have a superior OLED display. This would result in brighter colours and deeper blacks, as well as improved contrast. We’d also want to see a resolution increase. The iPhone SE (2020) has a pixel density of 1334 x 750, which isn’t fantastic.

Better battery life:

As previously stated, the iPhone SE (2020)’s battery life is adequate. It doesn’t quite reach the 10-hour barrier in our battery testing, but it can get you through a day of light to medium use. We hope Apple employs a larger battery in the iPhone SE 3.

More cameras and Night Mode

The iPhone SE (2020) has a single 12MP wide-angle camera with no Night Mode. It takes good images, but it lags behind the Pixel 5a in other areas. If the iPhone SE 3 gets a second camera, it’ll almost certainly be an ultrawide lens. We also want Night Mode, which is missing from the SE (2020).

Slimmer bezels:

The iPhone 8 was a fantastic gadget at the time, but it predated the iPhone X’s drastic overhaul. The iPhone 8 body is beginning to seem old and out of style as phones adopt slimmer and slimmer bezels. We’re hoping that Apple will change the iPhone SE 3’s design to make it look more current. Other low-cost phones appear to be more current.

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