Irritable bowel syndrome: aluminum pointed out


This is a new avenue emerging for irritable bowel syndrome, which could originate in part from too high exposure to aluminum.

The origin of irritable bowel syndrome remains largely unknown and, so far, research has focused on factors that could alter the balance of the intestinal microbiota. Aluminum is now added to the list of these many factors.

Aluminum accumulates in the intestines and disrupts everything

38% of the ingested aluminum accumulates in the intestinal mucosa, which, according to researchers, seems deleterious for homeostasis of the intestine. The ingested aluminum thus affects the regulation of the permeability, the microflora and the immune function of the intestine, and many arguments agree to consider aluminum as an environmental risk factor for chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. , write the researchers in Morphology.

Aluminum absorbed via food

Diet is the main source of exposure to aluminum:

– by its natural presence: it is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust,

– but also by the use of food additives containing this element.

Food absorption occurs mainly through derived products ( bread, cakes, cookies and pastries), vegetables (mushrooms, spinach, radishes and lettuce), drinks (tea and cocoa), drinking water being only a minor source.

Routes of exposure still include s aluminum cooking utensils (including aluminum foil sheets), certain drugs and atmospheric dust.


Vignal C. et al. Gut: An underestimated target organ for Aluminum, Morphology, morpho

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