Is Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler still dating? Totally About Their Partnership

Is Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler still dating

Has Chelsea Handler rekindled a romance? jo Koy: In July 2022, Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler called it quits after dating for approximately a year. They are the most well-known couple to abruptly split up in 2022. Their followers, who had only seen posts from the couple’s social media accounts demonstrating their blatant pleasure and mutual devotion, were shocked and horrified by the news.

Chelsea thinks Jo, the person she met, is largely responsible for who she is today. Being loved and valued by Jo Koy has been one of the greatest gifts of my life, she wrote in an Instagram post to her followers. The pair made it clear that their separation was the beginning of something new for them rather than the end of anything. She insisted that Jo had a soul mate somewhere, but is the comic ready to start dating once more?

Has Jo Koy found love again?

Is Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler still dating

Jo Koy is currently available after divorcing Chelsea Handler. Since the separation announcement, the comedian’s career has flourished. His movie Easter Sunday made its theatrical debut in July 2022, while his Netflix special Jo Koy: Life from the Forum became streamable in September 2022. ​​​​​​​


Jo has had many chances to talk about his love life during the press tour that followed the release of both movies. He has only made brief comments about the split. He was all praise for Chelsea and their time together, and he seemed optimistic about the possibility of discovering another love like theirs in the future. Jo asserted that even though their romance was over, the two performers’ love for one another persisted. ​​​​​​​

He doesn’t seem overly eager to start dating once more. But around the end of September, he was spotted making out with an unnamed brunette. After being seen kissing in a coffee shop in Los Angeles, they were later seen embracing on a picnic blanket in a park. Since when have they not been spotted together? ​​​​​​​

The history of Jo Koy’s relationships, including his marriage and his connection to Chelsea Handler

The stand-up comedian has always been open about his relationships and dating life, despite the fact that he is currently single. The singer Angie King, better known by her stage name Nura Luca, and the 51-year-old were previously married.

The couple separated in 2013, and Joseph Herbert Jr. was born in 2003. Despite their troubled marriage, Jo and Angie remain cordial ex-spouses. When Jo appeared on Windy City LIVE in 2020, he referred to Angie as his “best friend.” He claimed that at the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, Jo and his ex-wife were co-parenting their son and consequently residing together.

“She is simply exceptional. That is reasonable to expect to some extent, especially at first. On the Chicago programme, he said, “And as we grew, we understood that parenting our child together is the greatest thing for all of us. She stated, “It’s had such a good effect on his life.

Even after his divorce, Jo continued to date Chelsea Handler, an old friend.

Despite Jo being a frequent guest on Chelsea’s late-night talk programme, Chelsea Lately, from 2007 until its discontinuation in 2014, their relationship only became serious in 2021. Jo and Chelsea constantly gushed about one another in interviews and on Instagram throughout their relationship. Chelsea claimed that dating Jo had helped her regain her faith in men, however after only a year of dating, the couple announced their separation in July 2022.

On July 18, Chelsea posted on Instagram that her two-year relationship with her boyfriend had ended. “I wanted to express to you how much we appreciated your concern for our relationship. How much significance it still has. And how much more I now believe in love for one another.

Chelsea claimed that they were only taking a “break,” but it seems like they have never reconciled.

Live from the Los Angeles Forum is a brand-new Jo Koy concert spectacular that recently debuted on Netflix.

Are Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler still close friends?

The present state of Jo’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler has not been kept a secret. He recently admitted to ET that his attempts to mend fences with Chelsea were bearing fruit. Reconciling was easy because of their long relationship.

Jo said, “Wonderful friends, that’s what we are and always will be. That’s what the future holds for your friendship. I know we’ll always triumph because we have a common champion in each other, and she’ll do the same for me.

It should not be a surprise that Jo and his ex-wife/mother-son Angie King can still get along so well. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Angie convinced Jo to move in with her and their son so they could be close.


He highlighted his wish to set a positive example for his son in terms of how he deals with ladies in the future on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show. He might stay in touch with his ex-wives and encourage them to live in harmony with him by setting a positive example for his son. Jo was lauded by Kelly Clarkson for having a good view on her own divorce and separation. Kelly Clarkson currently pays her ex-husband $200,000 in spousal support each month.

Jo will discuss how lucky he is to still be friends with his ex in an interview with Windy City LIVE that will air in 2020. He said that while the divorce was first challenging, he gradually adapted. As time passed, we came to the conclusion that parenting our child as a couple would be far more beneficial. He is so happy as a result that “Jo then spoke up.

Will Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy ever reconcile?

Is Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler still dating

Initial expectations among viewers were that Jo and Chelsea would reconcile. They still had a lot of affection for one another, therefore they must be able to work things out. This phase of the couple’s relationship has come to an end.

When Glennon Doyle, the host of the podcast We Can Do Hard Things, interviewed her, Chelsea finally spoke out about the conflict between her and Jo. Chelsea refused to say where exactly they differed, only that she couldn’t bend to suit Jo’s needs. When she realised the relationship had no future, she called it quits.

Jo and Chelsea seem to be handling their separation with surprising maturity. Chelsea has emphasised how optimistic she is about her own future when talking about it. I was so completely overwhelmed by love that it tore me apart, and as a result, I had a tremendous personal transformation. And even though it’s painful to see something like that come to an end, every closed door is a new one, as I’ve learned through my therapy experiences and from reading about the change philosophy, the cartoonist said.

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