Is Taboo Season 2 Returning in 2022? The Wait is Finally Over!

Taboo Season 2

Waiting for the renewal of your favorite show hits different, especially if it has been several years.

Taboo was one of the most popular shows when it first premiered in 2017. And now, in 2022, people are looking for answers about the renewal. Yes, we’re talking about the second season of Taboo’s renewal exploration.

Taboo Season 2 Is Finally On The Cards

Your four-year wait of hope is finally coming to an end. While information are scarce, creator Steven Knight stated in an interview with Spencer that there will be a Season 2. But no date has been announced for shooting. And the reason is pretty obvious. Well, the good news will be more amazing when you read what we have to inform you below.

Season 2 Release Date

But what about the rumors that season 2 was always intended to premiere? Why has it taken you so long to deliver? The real reason is that the film’s producers and Tom Hardy are involved in a variety of other projects. Hardy is also working on Venom 2, A Christmas Carol, and other projects while Kight focuses on Peaky Blinders.

The first season of The Walking Dead, which aired on AMC from 2010 to 2011, was filmed as a mid-season replacement for the fourth season of Breaking Bad. As a result, it has been reported that the second season is still being planned despite the outbreak’s progress being delayed by COVID-19. If we’re lucky, Taboo Season 2 may drop in late 2021. Otherwise, it’ll be 2022 before we see it.

The Script For Taboo Season 2 Is Already Written

Tom Hardy is busy with other projects. It’s possible that this will still be a matter of waiting. “Six of the eight [episodes] are written,” Knight said during a conversation with a source. “We’re trying to get stars aligned so that we can get our star [Hardy] back on set.”

Taboo Season 2 Plot

When discussing Season 2 of Taboo with Ken Stovin, Neil Jordan gives away a lot of little details. We know that James and his friends are sailing to the United States at the end of season 1. He also predicts that the show will become more narcotic and opium-based as the characters move west. Isn’t it wonderful that we may now all witness something like that?

Andrew Knight, show runner for Season 7 of The Expanse, tells me that the new season will be “explosive.” But he does keep things vague. He also drops tantalizing hints about season 2. He leaves a faint clue about season 2’s focus on the American spy network Colonnade.

As a result, in the second season of this 19th century period drama, we’ll hear a lot of out-of-this-world shenanigans.

Season 2 Cast

Hardy is the solely confirmed returnee for Taboo season two so far — after all, he did co-create it with his father, Chips Hardy.

“It came about as a result of doing [BBC One’s 2007 miniseries] Oliver Twist and portraying Bill Sykes,” Hardy told us in 2017.

“To be blunt, I wanted to portray Bill Sykes, Sherlock Holmes, Hannibal Lecter, Heathcliff, Marlow [from Heart of Darkness], and every other iconic character in one.”

Taboo Season 2 Expectations

Tom Hardy’s James Delaney and his cohorts will fly west to the Azores in season 2, where they hope to finally confront US intelligence agent Colonnade, following the events of season 1.

Taboo Season 2: Not Happening?

James Delaney and his band of misfits already set sail for America after surviving the shoot-out at the dockside, and now they will explore the possibilities of a new world in Taboo Season 2. The good news for the fans is that BBC already renewed the period drama for its sequel. However, it has already been four years, and now the fans are curious to know what will happen when Tom Hardy’s James Delaney steps outside into the new world.

Taboo Season 2: Renewal Status!

As we mentioned above, BBC greenlit the second season of the distinctive drama four years back. The debut installment impressed everyone with its intriguing storyline, pacing, and visual presentation. The highlight of the series was the performance of Tom Hardy as James Delaney. As a result, the makers didn’t waste much time and waved the green flag.

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