Julia Roberts Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Have?

Julia Roberts Net Worth

Julia Roberts Net Worth Since the late 1980s, American actress Julia Roberts has enchanted audiences. After Roberts gained notoriety with Pretty Woman, there was no going back for her.

Over the following three decades, she went on to star in countless blockbusters and win numerous honours. Julia Roberts’ celebrity and net worth are as a result among the highest in Hollywood today. Read on to find out how much money she made from her most popular movies and to track her entire career.

Julia Roberts Net Worth

Julia Roberts Net Worth

CelebrityNetWorth estimates that the well-known American actress Julia Roberts is worth $250 million. Her appearance in the 1990 film “Pretty Woman” launched her career as a major Hollywood star. She easily makes $20–$30 million a year between movie earnings and sponsorships.

Early Years

In Smyrna, Georgia, on October 28, 1967, Julia Fiona Roberts was born. Her mother is Betty Lou Bredemus, and her father is Walter Grady Roberts. Her parents were playwrights and theatre performers. Given that both Roberts’ older sister, Lisa Roberts Gillan, and brother, Eric Roberts, are actors, it is safe to assume that acting runs in the family. Not to mention that Emma Roberts is Roberts’ niece.

Roberts attended Griffin Middle School after Fitzhugh Lee Elementary School when he was younger. She completed her high school education at Campbell and briefly attended Georgia State University. She left before receiving her degree in order to relocate to New York and pursue a career as an actor. Roberts registered for formal acting classes and joined the Click Modeling Agency after arriving.

Julia Roberts Career

Julia Roberts Net Worth

Although she began her career with the 1987 movie Blood Red, the movie wasn’t released until 1989, hence her on-screen debut was in the 1988 movie Satisfaction. She eventually achieved fame for her performances in movies like 1988’s Mystic Pizza and Steel Magnolias. Roberts was nominated and honoured for numerous things for Steel Magnolias. She gained notoriety in 1990 because to the romantic comedy Pretty Women, which brought in close to $500 million worldwide.

Roberts played the lead role in the 2000 film Erin Brockovich, for which she won all the major prizes and gained acclaim for her work. Her other well-known motion pictures are American Sweethearts from 2001, Mona Lisa Smile from 2003, Valentine’s Day from 2010, and Wonder from 2017.

In the 1987 episode of Crime Story called “The Survivor,” she made her television debut. then played a major role in Miami Vice’s fourth season, which aired in 1988. She has a starring role in the 2018-premiere series Homecoming on Amazon Prime.

As a philanthropist, Julia Roberts has donated money and services to UNICEF and other nonprofits.

She and her sister share ownership of the production business Red Om Films.

Personal Life of Julia Roberts

Roberts has dated a number of Hollywood celebrities throughout the years, including Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott, Jason Patric, and Kiefer Sutherland. In reality, she briefly engaged Sutherland. In 1993, she wed country singer Lyle Lovett; however, they eventually got divorced.

Roberts is wed to cameraman Daniel Moder at the moment. In 2000, they first met while working on The Mexican. Roberts and actor Benjamin Bratt were still dating at the time, while Moder was wed to Vera Steimberg. A year after becoming married to Roberts, Moder filed for divorce.


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The couple currently has three kids. Hazel and Phinnaeus, their identical twins, were born in 2004. Their youngest child, Henry, was born in 2007.

As one of the 50 most powerful women in Hollywood in 2000, she was the first actress to get this honour. She’s also been named the most beautiful woman in the world five times by People Magazine, most recently in 2017. On a more serious note, Roberts is a passionate environmentalist and a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

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