Kevin Samuels Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels, an American YouTuber and Image Consultant, died at the age of 56, according to Revolt TV. Let’s look at his background and net worth.

Kevin’s admirers are in shock, as he appeared to be in good health and even posted a video on Instagram less than a day ago.

Kevin Samuels net worth

Kevin Samuels, a self-proclaimed influencer, has a sizable social media following, with over one million Instagram followers.

Kevin had a net worth of $4 million, according to Famous Wealthy People.

On Instagram, he described himself as an image expert who charged over $10,000 each consultation.

He also made a significant amount of money with his YouTube channel, Kevin Samuels, which has over 1.4 million subscribers.

Kevin Samuels has his own showroom in Los Angeles called Life & Style by Kevin Samuels, where he gave fashion and life counselling in addition to his online programmes.

He possessed a sizable luxury car collection, including a $300,000 Lamborghini Urus.

Early Years

Kevin Samuels, sometimes known as Kevin Roshon Samuels, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 13th, 1965.

According to accounts, Kevin Samuels’ parents split while he was a child, and he was closer to his mother than to his father.

He started submitting videos to YouTube in 2015, and some of them have gone viral. His siblings and other relatives remain anonymous.

Kevin Samuels attended Millwood High School after relocating to Oklahoma.

He was also said to have dressed impeccably in high school, and after graduating from high school, he went to the University of Oklahoma.

He worked as a company manager and consultant in the chemical engineering industry before becoming a career coach and YouTuber.


Kevin Samuels started making self-help videos for persons in the African-American community who were dealing with personal concerns when he joined YouTube in 2015.

He was believed to have worked as a Business Development Manager at Office Depot for approximately three years. After that, he worked as a sales agent for Supermedia, a media company.

Kevin Samuels started as an advertising and marketing consultant with The Real Yellow Pages in 2013. He created a YouTube account in 2015, but didn’t start uploading videos until the following year.

At the time he joined, the majority of his YouTube material was on fashion, social gatherings, perfumes, and other fashion-related topics.

He eventually began producing videos about relationships and success advice, and several of them went popular.

According to YouTube data from 2022, the channel has more over 1.2 million subscribers.

Kevin Samuels Cause of Death

Kevin Samuels sadly passed away on May 5, 2022. At 56, he passes away. Several news organisations, including REVOLT Black News, confirmed his death, citing reliable sources. Melanie King, a close friend of Samuels who has been described as his female equivalent, stated on Thursday that she had “family confirmation” that he died the same day. “This is absolutely,” King said. There had been no quick investigation into his cause of death. Samuels died of “cardiac arrest,” according to one Instagram account called “_Plug Talk_,” but the claim was not verified.

Following online reports of Kevin Samuels’ death, Twitter was swamped with accusations about him. Many of Kevin’s followers believe the post is false because he has just been active on his social media platforms for a few hours. On Thursday (May 5), Kevin even posted a video on Instagram captioned “Modern Women Are A Party of One?” Kevin’s death was confirmed by American television network Revolt TV, which was co-founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs, just hours after rumours of his death began to emerge on the internet. “RIP Kevin Samuels,” one tweeted in response to the rumours.

You will always be loved by the globe. I was fortunate enough to chat with you briefly, and I shall be eternally grateful for your existence.” “RIP #KevinSamuels, you spoke the truth & created waves throughout the black community,” another said. You were both loathed and adored, but that didn’t stop you from spreading the word. Your content will always be appreciated by me.”


What is the purpose of his YouTube channel?

Kevin’s popular YouTube channel first gained popularity in 2016.

His videos frequently provoked uproar on social media, including “Modern Women Are Average at Best?” one of his most popular videos.

Kevin had only been on social media for 18 hours when the death rumours began. “Modern Women Are a Party of One?” he captioned a new video he’d posted. He discussed how modern women prioritise other things over relationships in the video, which he believes is incorrect.

Unmarried women over the age of 35 have previously been referred to as “leftover women” by him.

Kevin has been chastised for being misogynistic throughout his career, but he also has a devoted fan base.

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