Kim Kardashian Says People Don’t Know What Her Marriage to Kanye West Was ‘Really Like’

Kim Kardashian is revealing more about her relationship with Kanye “Ye” West to the public. During the season finale of The Kardashians, Kim went to see Khloe Kardashian in the midst of the Tristan Thompson paternity crisis and sought to bond with her sister by talking about her breakup with the rapper.

Kim told Khloe, “I feel like we always tiptoe around each other’s circumstances because we simply don’t want to meddle.” “I admire the fact that no one asked, “Are you doing well?” during my marriage. Everyone has allowed me to take my own path and observe things on my own, which I appreciate, but sometimes I wonder, “When should we leap in?””

Khloe answered by saying that it was too late for her family to intervene in her case, though she did wish they had spoken up sooner about their concerns about Tristan.

“What I’m upset about has nothing to do with any of you guys; it wasn’t the first or second time,” Khloe explained. “I wish someone had said, ‘No!’ at that point. So, what exactly are you talking about? How many times have we gone through this? No! You’re not insane, believe it or not. ‘You’re absolutely correct.'”

Kim agreed, sharing her relationship with Kanye with her sister “‘How did this continue this long?’ I believe people would wonder if they understood what my relationship was actually like.

But I can live with myself knowing that I did everything humanly necessary to make a scenario work, therefore I’m free of guilt.”

“At the very least, I feel like you can say you had a family and you did your hardest,” Kim continued. “You have the authority to say it to your daughter.”

Kim reiterated her notion in the confessional, and Khloe agreed with her.

“I will find each and every one of you f**king internet trolls who make Khloe feel like the biggest piece of s**t,” Kim added. “It’s so bad because you guys don’t realize that when you have a child, you’ll go to any length to make it work… Do you realize how difficult it is to be scrutinized by the entire world, laughed at, and called every name in the book? Staying in a situation is ten times more difficult than leaving it.”


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Kim was linked to Pete Davidson just months after filing for divorce from Kanye. To Kanye’s dismay, the comedian has formed a bond with his girlfriend’s four children: North, 9, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3.

“Kim doesn’t see anything wrong with Pete visiting the kids,” a source told ET earlier this month. “Kim held off on introducing them until now, but she has complete faith in Pete. He is really concerned about her and her children. She is unconcerned and grateful that he wishes to be a part of their life.”

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