‘Kotaro Lives Alone’ Season 1: Ending Explained

Kotaro Lives Alone,” directed by Tomoe Makino, is an animated series that follows the heartfelt story of a child who has lived through neglect and abuse and is now attempting to lead an independent life. The story addresses issues that many abandoned children face. It sheds light on the complexities of emotional abuse victims. Hiroshi Sato created the series, which was animated by Liden Studio.

Season 1 of ‘Kotaro Lives Alone’: Plot Summary

It’s the story of a young man who has recently moved into an apartment in Japan. He appears to be living alone, and none of his parents appear to be present to assist him on his journey. Kotaro, a young boy, is studying in a kindergarten when he meets his new neighbours, who look after him and guide him through the little things in life. Karino Shin, the next-door neighbor, takes on the role of a guardian and follows Kotaro wherever he goes. It’s a thought-provoking story about a toddler struggling to survive in the world after years of abuse and neglect.

Life Prior to Moving Into a New Apartment

Kotaro had been neglected severely and had developed certain coping mechanisms as a result. He used to eat plants and tissues when he was hungry before learning to cook on his own. Because he was lonely, he would enjoy the sound of the television. He became a fan of the show Tonosaman after seeing it on television. He began imitating Tonosaman’s mannerisms because Tonosaman was portrayed as a hero character who taught Kotaro to be strong and overcome his weaknesses, and it is through this show that he learned to speak formally and to be mentally strong.

Kotaro, unlike any other child, learned empathy and demonstrated fortitude. He could empathise with the elderly and was mature for his age, leading Karino to believe Kotaro had forgotten how to be a child. He was too afraid to ask for help or to ask people to stay with him. He’d built walls around himself that were eventually breached by people who understood him.

Is Kotaro Live Alone?

Kotaro lived in a group house after his mother abandoned him in their shared apartment. Due to abuse, his father had a restraining order against him. After his father discovered where he lived, Kotaro was forced to leave the group house and live independently in his own apartment. His mother, on the other hand, had died shortly after leaving. Kotaro’s independent life was supported by her life insurance. Nobody told Kotaro about his mother’s death, so he waited for her to return to the apartment. He grew up on his own before accepting Karino as his family.

Season 1 of ‘Kotaro Lives Alone’: Explained Ending – Kotaro Finds A New Home In Karino

Kotaro gradually improves after Karino becomes his guardian. Kotaro eventually pouts and cries like any other child as the series progresses, his innocence and curiosity regaining their zeal as he accepts Karino as his family. Karino is very gentle with Kotaro and tries to help him in any way she can. He shields Kotaro from further harm and ensures that his life is improved.

Kotaro is ecstatic when his favourite series, Tonosaman, is adapted into a film. Karino offers to drive him to the show. Kotaro becomes excited and tells his friends about it, which makes his friends want to join him. Karino gives in to the children’s requests and watches a different movie with them. He also buys them popcorn so that none of the kids can make fun of Kotaro by calling him cheap. Kotaro admits to being jealous after the movie is over and the other kids have gone home. He is enraged that Karino is only interested in the kids, to which Karino laughs and offers to watch Tonosaman’s movie with him alone. This leads Karino to believe that Kotaro, in his own small way, has accepted him as a family member.

Karino puts up with Kotaro’s antics and goes above and beyond for him. He accepts responsibility for him and follows him to ensure his safety. He also attends every kindergarten function, as well as parent-teacher conferences. He makes every effort to be present and cheer for Kotaro. Kotaro is saddened when Karino forgets about the Kindergarten showcase one day, and he loses his enthusiasm to perform and mumbles through the lines. However, when Karino appears, Kotaro lights up and begins singing with renewed vigour.

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Only in front of Karino does Kotaro act like a child his age. He learns to be angry with him, to be jealous of him, and to love him in his own unique way. Kotaro is afraid of becoming a burden to Karino. Karino does his best to be responsible for Kotaro while also ensuring that his fears do not become a reality. After being ignored for so long, Kotaro appeared to have found a home with Karino. Karino becomes the pillar on which Kotaro relies in his small life.

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