Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1 : Stream it or Skip it?

“Kotaro Lives Alone,” directed by Tomoe Makino, is an animated anime that tells the storey of a young boy who has experienced neglect and abuse and is now attempting to live alone. The story tackles challenges that many abandoned children experience. It gives insight on the complicated nature of emotional abuse victims. Hiroshi Sato wrote the series, which was animated by Liden Studio.

Season 1 of ‘Kotaro Lives Alone’: Plot Summary

It’s the story of a little boy who has recently moved into an apartment in Japan. He appears to be living alone, with neither of his parents there to assist him on his quest. Kotaro is a kindergarten student until he meets his new neighbours, who watch after him and guide him through life’s modest challenges. Karino Shin, who lives next door, becomes Kotaro’s guardian and follows him wherever he goes. It’s a thought-provoking storey of a toddler who is battling to survive in the world after years of cruelty and neglect.

Before Life Moving Into The New Apartment

Kotaro had been neglected for a long time and had developed coping methods as a result. He used to eat plants and tissues when he was hungry before learning to cook on his own. Because he was lonely, he would enjoy the sound of the television. The television exposed him to the show Tonosaman, which he quickly became a fan of. He began imitating Tonosaman’s mannerisms because Tonosaman was portrayed as a hero figure who taught Kotaro how to be strong and overcome his flaws, and it was via this show that he learnt to speak formally and be mentally strong. Kotaro, unlike any other child, gained empathy and demonstrated fortitude. Karino said Kotaro had lost how to be a child since he could empathise with the elderly and was mature above his years. He was afraid to seek for help and to request that others stay with him. He had built up barriers around himself, which were finally dismantled by those who understood him.

Kotaro lived in a group house after his mother abandoned him in their shared flat. Due of his father’s maltreatment, he obtained a restraining order against him. Kotaro had to leave the group house and live separately in an apartment after his father discovered where he stayed. His mother, on the other hand, had died after he had left. Kotaro’s independent life was funded by her life insurance. Because he had not been informed of his mother’s death, Kotaro waited for her to return to the apartment. Before accepting Karino as his family, he grew up alone.

Life in Kotaro’s New Apartment

Neighbors in the new housing unit are enamoured with the newcomer. The neighbours try to piece together Kotaro’s enigmatic past. When his neighbours discover his predicament, the plot thickens. They attempt to help each other as a group. They fall in love with the child who thinks like an adult and has an amazing understanding of events that would normally elude a child’s consciousness. The neighbours figure out how to raise him in a healthy manner.

As an introduction, Kotaro hands each member a box of tissues. These tissues are crucial in understanding Kotaro’s past. He meets Karino Shin, a struggling manga artist who is initially baffled by Kotaro’s conduct, but later comes to understand him and becomes his protector. Karino picks up Kotaro from school and goes with him on his errands. He gets into the habit of following Kotaro around and leading him through his tasks but still allowing him to do what he wants. Kotaro ends up contemplating the different types of tissues during one of their visits to the department store, and he makes a comment regarding the flavour. Karino dismisses it at first as Kotaro’s strange habit, but then she comes across a storey of a youngster who ate tissues because he was hungry. Kotaro was frequently left alone as a result of his years of neglect, and when he got hungry, he survived on plants and tissues. Karino realised what had happened and went out to repair the situation without further injuring Kotaro.

Mizuki, a hostess, is introduced to Kotaro. She keeps him company and assists Karino with his care. Mizuki swears that she will never abandon Kotaro. However, she has to move because her lover has turned out to be abusive. Kotaro empathises with her and admits that he is to blame for his father’s abuse of him. He is aware of her predicament and refutes the existence of such such promise. When Mizuki leaves, Kotaro tears and hides his face behind a mask. He is afraid of being abandoned. His mother had abandoned him and left him to his own devices. This affected him, but he decided to let Mizuki go since it was the proper thing to do.

Kotaro introduces himself to Isamu and gives him a tissue box. Isamu is immediately drawn to Kotaro because he has a child of Kotaro’s age, Yatou. Because of his wife and their separation, Isamu is not allowed to see Yatou. His wife is concerned that Isamu’s thug-like clothes and behaviour will have an unfavourable impact and cause society to question her kid. This is why she refuses to introduce Isamu to his son. Kotaro, on the other hand, accepts Isamu for who he is, which he appreciates. Isamu is too affectionate toward Kotaro, which causes Kotaro to pick up on it and accept it from his new neighbour.

Kotaro receives a weekly allowance that is distributed across his home. He can buy his daily necessities as well as pay his rent with this money. The funds come from Kotaro’s mother’s life insurance policy, which he is unaware of. This is where he meets Ayane, a lawyer in charge of distributing Kotaro’s money. She lies to Kotaro about the money’s origins in order to maintain Kotaro’s hope that his mother will return. She doesn’t want to harm the small child any longer, so she tells him that the money came from a very kind donor.

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Takei arrives after Mizuki has moved out. She is a person who is incapable of dealing with children. Keeping this in mind, Kotaro strives to help Takei become more comfortable among children and less apprehensive. During this time, Takei realises that Kotaro had maintained his mother’s gloves in immaculate shape. Takei discovers that his mother was disgusted by Kotaro and had been touching him while wearing gloves. This speaks to her since she has experienced the same kind of neglect. Takei not only assists Kotaro in overcoming it, but he also understands his perspective that it is the only thing that remains of his mother. Kotaro also claims that his mother could touch him because of the gloves. Takei was moved by this and realised that Kotaro sees the positive in practically everything.

“Kotaro Lives Alone,” directed by Tomoe Makino, is a 2022 animated series.

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