Life After Death: Is Tyler Henry a Real Medium?

Is Tyler Henry able to communicate with the dead? The only way to find out seems to be to get a reading from the ostensibly clairvoyant.

Henry, who rose to fame as E”Hollywood !’s Medium” in 2016 for “reading” celebrities, claims he receives messages from the dead through his five senses. “Henry, who is 26 years old, says

Our reading, which was organised to promote Tyler Henry’s new Netflix series “Life After Death with Tyler Henry” (which is now available to stream), was similar to those of his non-celebrity clients. Ours, however, is done via video chat. The nine-episode documentary also tries to explain his family’s mystery: how his mother, Theresa, ended herself in the custody of a woman so terrible she committed double-homicide – and who Theresa only recently discovered is not her original mother.

Henry claims he initially realised he had a talent when he was ten years old. He claims he had a hunch that his grandmother “was going to die,” and he was proved correct. His mother was informed of his grandmother’s death shortly after. According to the series, Henry now has a waiting list of almost 300,000 people who want readings.

“Life After Death” demonstrates what appears to be a remarkable ability, but is it the result of deft editing or in-depth research into his subjects? I’m assured that he hasn’t been given my name in advance of my reading.

Tyler Henry, is he a genuine medium?

We’ve seen a lot of headline-grabbing mediums over the years, from Theresa Caputo of Long Island Medium to Allison DuBois — who inspired NBC’s Patricia Arquette-led series Medium — to Tyler Henry. If Tyler Henry is the real deal, he allegedly began receiving “intuitive mental visions” about his grandmother’s impending death when he was ten years old.

Of course, only Tyler’s clients who have received a reading from him are aware of the truth. Erin Jensen of USA Today got a reading from Tyler via video chat out of curiosity (and to promote his new Netflix series). She proposed that the Netflix show incorporate persuasion editing and prior investigation of Tyler’s topics, so she set out to discover the truth for herself. Erin said in her piece that her interpretation was “eerily accurate” and that he was “aware of the circumstances of [her] cousin’s death.”

Even while Erin pointed out that some of the material given in her reading may have come from her social media accounts or a quick Google search, she believed that other information about her and her family was impossible to locate online. “Henry also knows about my diabetic aunt who lost a toe,” she said, “which he claims causes a sensation in his feet.”

“I have the feeling that my circulation doesn’t go all the way to my toes or whatever, which I normally attribute to diabetes. But it’s horrible; someone’s blood supply has been cut off in their extremities “Tyler had said something to her, she remembered.

He mentioned specific family members by name, said Erin’s mother, who is a caregiver for her father, who has multiple sclerosis, was “going to feel a sense of duty,” and even said a family member was correct to seek genetic testing. Erin had no idea her mother had sought genetic testing after a family member died of cancer.

Tyler Henry isn’t always accurate with his predictions.

While he intuitively saw several things that impressed Erin, his visions of a sunflower, a trio of sisters on her mother’s side, and her successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother’s successful brother

“Even the finest basketball players miss free shots from time to time, and we can still acknowledge their talent,” he told her of his mistakes.

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Overall, Erin was confident that he wasn’t a liar after the virtual reading. “Following my reading, I am confident in Henry’s abilities. I believe we all have intuition, just like he does “She recounted her experience in a letter.

Tyler Henry has never claimed to have detailed, always-accurate visions that play out like movies in his head. However, he is said to get hints and clues regarding people’s pasts, present, and futures. You make the decision.

Life After Death With Tyler Henry is currently available on Netflix in its entirety.

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