Lung cancer: Detect the signs as soon as possible


Is it possible to detect lung cancer in a person?

The lung cancer is a disease that claims many victims in France every year. What are the warning signs and what are the possible treatments today?

What is lung cancer?

C It is one of the cancers with the highest mortality rate. Tens of thousands of people die of it every year in France. It is found far behind, ahead of colorectal cancer or prostate cancer. The reason is very simple. The disease, which primarily affects the lungs, has the ability to spread very quickly to other organs, in particular via the bloodstream. Screening is not yet fully effective and the symptoms generally only appear around the age of 50.

What are the origins of this cancer?

The disease is mainly linked to the consumption of tobacco, even if the causes can be diverse. smokers and victims of what is known as passive smoking are the most affected. Other factors may be involved, such as the effect of carcinogenic particles that can be found in the air. This is, for example, the case of asbestos or arsenic. Significant exposure is likely to cause this type of cancer.

What are the symptoms of this type of cancer?

One of the first recognizable signs of lung cancer is the morning cough. However, there are many manifestations of this type of cancer.

The first sign is a

persistent cough. It will be necessary to be wary when you cough in a significant way, and that without particular reason. This condition may also be accompanied by chest pain during breathing. This means that the tumor is located in the bronchus. In addition, this tumor will produce sputum.

The second symptom is abnormal shortness of breath and difficulty breathing that sets in. You will have to worry when this stage arrives. This is due to the fact that the tumor, located in the lung, causes a blockage of the airways.

The third symptom concerns weight loss and a lack of appetite. Weight loss suddenly appears for no apparent reason. The patient usually loses his appetite. Cancer that has caused inflammation and deterioration of general condition.

Other signs may also indicate that cancer has set in. The patient may, for example, have a hoarse voice or be subject to chronic bronchitis or pneumonia. Similarly, severe chronic fatigue and the presence of headaches are manifestations that should not be overlooked.

What are treatments for this cancer?


smokers, one of the resolutions is of course to stop tobacco and that as soon as possible, so as not to increase the risks contracting the disease.

In proven cases, surgery is one of the most commonly used to remove the cancerous tumor. Patients will need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy. This will increase their chances of overcoming lung cancer.

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