Who Is Malika Andrews Dating? Here is Everything You Need To Know!

Who Is Malika Andrews Dating

American sports journalist and writer Malika Andrews. She is the host of NBA Today, which took over for The Jump on ESPN. Let’s look at some interesting facts about Malika and discuss the allegations that surround her alleged new love and lover.

American sports journalist and writer Malika Andrews. After earning a communications degree from the University of Portland in 2017, Malika Andrews started working for her maternal grandfather’s civil rights law firm before joining NBA Today in 2019. She was selected as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the sports category for 2021 despite being the network’s lone black female NBA reporter.

For NBA Today in the US, Malika writes and reports on sports. She spent a year working for her maternal grandfather’s civil rights organisation before enrolling at the University of Portland, where she graduated with a communications bachelor’s degree in 2017. As the network’s sole black female NBA reporter, Andrews was selected one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the sports sector for 2021, according to her Wikipedia article.

Look at Malika Andrews’ Instagram account and net worth to find out more about her rumoured lover, Richard Jefferson. The younger sister of Malika Andrews works as an NBC Sports Bay Area sports anchor.

Kendra has been employed by ESPN to write on the Golden State Warriors. She started working for ESPN in October 2018 as an online NBA correspondent before becoming the network’s youngest sideline reporter during a broadcast during the 2020 NBA Bubble. Malika Andrews is said to be dating Richard Jefferson.

Malika is dating who?

Before settling down with Dave, she is rumoured to have dated a few other guys. But she chose not to disclose them to the media. Her connection with Richard Jefferson has been the subject of discussion, and it is the only one that has received media notice. People in 2020 claimed that Richard and Malika were dating.

The couple allegedly dated for a few months before calling it quits. After that, she began dating Dave. Although Andrews never publicly admitted to dating Richard, the two were frequently spotted together.

Are Dave McMenamin and Malika Andrews dating each other?

Who Is Malika Andrews Dating

Given the reports, people were curious as to whether Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin were dating. The two have never been romantically associated, despite the fact that neither has acknowledged or refuted the claim.

The Twitter source also raises some red flags. Similar to other popular NBA Twitter accounts (such as Ball**** Sports), @LakeShowYo has amassed a sizable following by posting humorous but occasionally false satire and parody.

We should be wary of the rumours because there haven’t been any prior accounts of the two dating.

Malika Andrews: Was She Engaged?

There was once more a report that Malika Andrews was married back then. On camera, she could be seen wearing a ring on her finger. She never mentioned being engaged, despite the fact that her diamond ring gave the impression that she was. The ring’s hidden meaning has always been kept a secret.

Instagram of Malika Andrews

Who Is Malika Andrews Dating

@malika andrews is Malika Andrews’ Instagram username. She has amassed over 255k followers on her picture-sharing social media account with her 252 postings. On social media, Andrews has been observed posting pictures of herself and pictures of her job.

Malika Andrews’s husband, boyfriend, and partner

No information regarding her husband or marriage could be found. This leads us to believe that she is not engaged and has never been married.


Malika has never had a boyfriend and is now single. She has a fulfilling job in her subject of interest.

She wants to keep her personal affairs private and does not provide many details about them in public. Malika hasn’t started dating or been in a relationship as of 2022.

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