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Martin Sheen Says He Regrets Changing His Name From Ramón Estévez

One of Martin Sheen‘s biggest regrets is being discussed publicly. The West Wing actor was recently asked about his kids, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estévez, becoming actors in an interview with Closer magazine, which led to him discussing altering his name from Ramón Estévez.

Sheen claims that because he was “so self-absorbed and trying to be a provider, I wasn’t aware of their propensity to be performers.” “The only impact I had on Emilio was to maintain his name,” he continues.

He was initially advised by his agent to change his name to Sheen, but Sheen says he refused to do so.

And I praise God that he didn’t.

The 81-year-old actor claims it is “one of my regrets” that he changed his identity, which he allegedly did in an effort to land more acting parts.

“I’ve never had my name legally altered. My birth certificate still lists Ramón Estévez as my father. My passport, driver’s licence, and marriage licence all display that “he observes “Sometimes you succumb to persuasion because you lack the wisdom or even the fortitude to stand up for what you believe in, and you end up paying for it later. I’m obviously simply speaking for myself, though.”


Sheen is proud of his lineage and claims that one of his favourite film projects was a tribute to his father, Francisco Estévez, who was born in America to an Irish mother and a Spanish father.

“The Way is the one that makes me feel the most thankful and content. We created it in Spain and dedicated it to my father, a Galician, who made the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage “Sheen reflects to the publication. “My son Emilio Estévez wrote, directed, and starred in it. The decision was the best I’ve ever made. The movie has motivated thousands of others to make the trek. That is a significant source of fulfillment and pride.”

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