Mattress Mack Net Worth 2022: How Is Mattress Mack So Rich?

Mattress Mack is the owner of the Gallery Furniture Retail Chain in the United States. He has created films such as Sidekicks and appeared in various commercials. With two others, he co-authored the book Always Think Big. He is also an outspoken supporter of the tea party.

Mattress Mack Net Worth

Mack is supposedly worth $300 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He is the owner and operator of the Gallery Furniture franchise in Houston. Betting on sports is one of Mack’s hobbies.

In reality, he has similar promotions running in his stores. According to the source, Mack has offered customers the opportunity to get their money back on their mattresses if the athlete or team on which they bet wins.

His company has also made a $200 million profit, according to the publication.

Mattress Mack Assets

Mattress – Home Mack is a well-known and accomplished American figure who is also one of the country’s wealthiest businesses. Mack has a lot of real estate holdings, including his big Houston home. He also has homes in Starkville, Dallas, and Los Angeles, among other places.

Mattress Mack is an extremely wealthy and successful American businessman. He is a successful businessman who has made various achievements. Mack has a large and impressive collection of automobiles. He has a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Ferrari, and several more luxury vehicles.

Biography of Mattress Mack

Jim McIngvale, or James Franklin McIngvale, is a very successful and well-known name in America. Because of his occupation, he is also known as Mattress Mack. On February 11, 1951, James was born in Starkville, Mississippi, United States.

James Franklin McIngvale spent the majority of his childhood in Mississippi with his family. He moved to Texas after finishing high school and began attending university to further his education.

There, he met his wife, and they married. James currently has four children and six grandchildren with whom he is very happy. James’ intelligence and charisma were always razor-sharp. He was a football player at his university, but he was always in business.

Early Years of Mattress Mack

James Franklin Mcingvale (Mattress Mack) was born in Starkville, Mississippi in February 1951 to George and Angela Mcingvale. He has five siblings: two brothers, George and Ralph, and three sisters, Mary, Julia, and Angela.

Surprisingly, he and his brother George were close before his untimely death in 2008. They had indeed been living together for a long time. George was a standout football player for the NCAA champion Texas Longhorns in 1969, starting at centre.

As a kid, Jim was a gifted athlete. Mcingvale played football at the University of North Texas in Denton after graduating from Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas.

The North Texas degree of Mcingvale is unknown. We do know that after college, he worked at a convenience shop and later at a furniture company.


Gallery Furniture has grown to become one of the most successful independent furniture stores in the country. At various times, its stores have had the highest sales per square foot of any store in the United States. The corporation generates $200 million in annual revenue, according to 2005 sources. In a 2015 update, annual revenue was anticipated to be over $150 million.

Private Life

Mack married Linda McIngvale and had three children with her. Their eldest daughter Elizabeth was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder when she was 12 years old. Several doctors told them that her illness was terminal and that there was nothing they could do.

He then took his 15-year-old daughter to the Menninger Clinic, where she was treated with ERP therapy. She made it through. She is currently works as an assistant professor in the Psychiatry Department of Behavioral Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine.


Entrepreneurship and other endeavors

Mattress Mack’s (Jim McIngvale) fast-paced and enthusiastic sales pitches are well-known. His sales pitches almost always end with a variation of his renowned tagline, “saves you money!”

McIngvale’s distinctive sales spiel dates back to the early days of his Gallery Furniture company. His firm wasn’t going well, so he put his last $10,000 into a television commercial that would air on two Houston stations. When the advertisement was being made, he didn’t like what he saw. Dissatisfied, he improvised a sales pitch and talked quickly due to the short amount of time available. This fast-paced, on-point commercial was extremely successful, significantly increasing his sales.

Sidekicks, an action-comedy featuring Chuck Norris and Jonathan Brandis, was executive produced by Mattress and Linda (his wife) in 1992. After the film, Norris did some advertisements for Gallery Furniture.

Jim McIngvale spoke on W. Edwards Deming’s influence on his business strategies at a British Deming Association annual meeting in 1999.

Mattress co-authored the book Always Think Big with Thomas Dunning and John Ivancevich in 2002. Mattress Mack’s business career had its ups and downs, according to the book.

Making Money With Gallery Furniture

Mattress Mack is the proprietor of Gallery Furniture, Houston’s largest furniture retailer. He started it in 1981 with $5000 in cash and a pickup truck. This business currently employs 210 people.

Gallery Furniture is a $30 million yearly revenue retail firm. The company’s headquarters are in Houston, Texas. This private company employs 210 people.

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