Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya Break Up Less Than a Year After ‘Bachelorette’ Engagement

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya have ended their relationship. The couple has announced that they are splitting up less than a year after their engagement was confirmed on The Bachelorette’s December 2021 season finale.

On Friday, Michelle and Nayte both shared the news of their breakup on their Instagram stories.

“To everyone who have supported Nayte and me, particularly Bachelor Nation,” Michelle said in her post, “I know I speak for both of us when I say being in the public eye has not been easy.” “It’s difficult for me to announce that Nayte and I will be parting ways, but I stand with him in understanding the sadness that exists in both of our hearts because this connection has been so real for us.”

“You immediately became my best friend, and the affection I feel for you is really powerful,” Michelle said to Nayte. She also stated that she is “very suffering” and that she “will require time and space to get through this heartbreak.”

In a message posted to his Instagram story, Nayte expressed similar feelings, saying, “We were both looking for our Soulmates as we embarked on this adventure. We’ll be together forever. Our closest companions. However, as we grow and learn, we come to know that occasionally the people we love aren’t the right people for us to spend the rest of our lives with.”

He went on to say, “Michelle and I are going to move forward individually.” “Hearts are heavy, emotions are high, and we’re doing our best to deal with it… We honestly fell in love with each other, and we genuinely became great friends. Michelle and I will always support one other, but we will be cheering from afar in the future.”

Michelle addressed speculations that she and Nayte had broken up when she was photographed without her engagement ring in May.

“A video of me on a rooftop this weekend is circulating, and I’m not wearing my engagement ring,” she claimed in an Instagram Story video. “And what I’ll have to say to the person who saw that moment is that you also had to be paying close enough attention to witness one of my friends briefly take my engagement ring to try it on and then replace it on my finger. Just a gentle reminder that Nayte and I are people, not animals in a zoo.”

In terms of their romance, after the former pair said I love yous during the Fantasy Suites episode, Nayte proposed to Michelle on the season finale of the show.


“I knew we had a connection the first night I met you, and I wanted to keep it. We thought about running away together the second night we were together “As he and Michelle stood on a beach together during his proposal, Nayte stated. “Right now, I’m standing in front of you, feeling the same way. I’d like to flee with you. I want to run away for the rest of my life with the woman I’ve fallen in love with.”

Nayte told ET after the show aired that he became “assured” that this is the person with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, Michelle talked about bonding with each other’s families, having lately revealed her desire to leave teaching.

“It’s been incredibly great for me to get close to Nayte’s sister, and for him to get close to my brothers and relatives,” she said. “… Without us, the mothers are off wedding planning and on their own mother travels.”

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