ML7 Net Worth 2022: Everything You Need To Know!

ML7 Net Worth 2022

You may already be aware of “mL7,” a Romanian esports player who works full-time as a content creator and streamer for the one and only Team EnVy. Mihai Lupascu, who goes by this name in real life, was born in 1995 and focuses mostly on making educational video game material. Most people recognize him as an Overwatch healer main who commonly played Ana.

He is currently 28 years old and was born in Bucureşti on January 15th (Bucharest). Surprise! He also owns Olaf, a deaf Turkish Angora cat.

How he began

mL7Support mostly played Counter-Strike 1.6 as a youngster before switching to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. From there, he tried his hand at League of Legends but quickly lost interest. The two played Overwatch on her birthday, shortly after the game’s launch, on the advice of his girlfriend. From that point on, he became obsessively addicted to Overwatch. He chose the Support role primarily out of habit, and he became even more certain when no one else on the squad wanted to play flex support. Many people might not be aware of this, but mL7 began his bright career as an Overwatch 2 booster.

He went to law school after high school and received a bachelor’s in law from there. He did not, however, take the bar exam.

He began streaming in August 2017 with the help of his girlfriend. His persistent grinding paid off in March 2020 when he joined Crew Envy‘s stream team, and she is now his manager. Just saying, though; his language isn’t appropriate.

Career in Streaming

With the exception of Thursdays and Sundays, mL7 typically streams every day using English as his chosen language. In order to catch his programme, you must be prepared by 11 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) – TBD.

Streaming Services

Twitch and Youtube are the two main streaming services where mL7 posts his stuff.

He may be found on Twitch at the “mLsupport” channel, which was founded on November 21st, 2013. He presently has 3,329 (-802) subscribers and 449,485 (+26,600) followers on this page. Additionally, he averages 1,760 (-613) viewers.

He may be found on YouTube at the “mL7” channel, which launched on July 13th, 2015. He currently has 220,000 (+19,000) subscribers and 27,695,810 (+6,509,513) total video views on this platform. Any information about rookie numbers here.

What resides in the Stream?

The streaming configuration of mL7 speaks for itself and may ensure you a nearly ideal experience. The elaborate setup consists of:

Alienware 25 AW2518H Monitor, Intel Core i7-7700k Processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, and Corsair Virtuoso RGB Headphones
Overwatch Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Keyboard Microphone by Razer Goliathus Speed Blue Yeti

What he streams is most important, equipment aside. His work would likely appeal to you if you are a fan of or play any of the following games:

Game of War Apex Legends
Effective Ring of Elysium
Warzone in Call of Duty: Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodhunt

You may expect a reasonably wide variety of FPS games from that list alone.

Gross Value (As per Statsmash)

Given everything that has been said thus far, you shouldn’t be too surprised by his estimated Net Worth. As of May 2022, the ROYouTube channel for mL7 had a net worth of $117,000 USD. This alone has a net worth of $117,000!

According to the channel’s audience, the following estimates of his earnings from YouTube advertising revenue might be provided:

Within the past week, $243

$1,828 in the previous month

LaunchStat Stats

Over 219.00K people have subscribed to mL7’s YouTube channel since it launched half a decade ago, according to, and 428 videos in total have been posted. By June 13th, 2022, mL7’s channel is expected to be valued $59,315 in total.

His films appeal to a wide range of viewers because they fall within the action, role-playing, video game culture, and action-adventure game genres.


His typical earnings from channel advertising are calculated to be $64 per day, $450 per week, $2,447 per month, and $23,489 per year.

The pattern suggests that his revenue for the next month (July 2022) will be approximately $2,753.

The Twitch chat bot for mL7support indicates that mL7 has up to 2,450 subscribers. He often attracts 2,000 people to his streams, bringing home a minimum of $12,100 USD per month. Merchandise sales, tips, sponsorships, Twitch cheer bit contributions, and advertising expenses are not included in this. That is certainly stunning.

Affiliates and Sponsors

Without committed Partnerships and Sponsorships, how far can any Streamer advance? The same holds true for an accomplished gamer like mL7. His affiliations with;

Corsair Predator Jack In The Box Jack Link’s Exit Lag Elgato Gaming

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