Netflix has launched the Kids Mystery Box.

Netflix has launched a tool called Kids Mystery Box to assist customers find age-appropriate movies and programming. Simply follow these simple steps to have access to this feature:

At the top of the website, there is a ‘Favorites Row’ for kids.
Hover over the glistening ‘Mystery Box’ to find a ‘new to you’ title!

You’ll now be surprised with a fresh family-friendly movie or TV recommendation. This function will help you save time scrolling and choose what to watch.

Netflix has improved its language accessibility features.


Beginning this month, Netflix Audio Descriptions and Subtitles will be accessible in over 20 new languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and French. “By expanding our SDH and AD language availability to over 20 languages, we wish to provide all of our members the ability to see their life reflected on screen, no matter where they’re from, what language they speak, or what talents they have,” according to the corporate statement.


The streaming platform is adding new badges to Web and iOS to identify series and films with AD and SDH. Netflix has released its first-ever collection, “Celebrating Disability with Dimension,” as part of this. The collection includes almost 50 episodes and films with characters and stories affecting people with disabilities.