Netflix : Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Viewing Experience


Netflix is undoubtedly the most accessible leisure streaming service on the market, with a large repertoire and easy-to-use controls. However, as compared to other streaming services in India, where you pay yearly, the monthly subscription rate is on the next level. So, if you’re looking for the best search engine optimization settings or just want to ensure maximum platform efficiency, here are some tips and tricks to get the best viewing experience.

How to enhance your binge-watching on Netflix

Netflix subscription fees have just been reduced in India, although it remains one of the most costly streaming services. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

1. Improved search engine optimization and codes

Simply typing ‘Netflix’ will bring up the whole Netflix original library, while typing ‘4K’ or ‘HDR’ will bring up titles in those formats.

You may also look for movies using codes, which is convenient for Smart TV users because they won’t have to waste time scrolling through the alphabet on the on-screen keyboard. You may obtain access to a bunch of codes that point to the accessible categories on the platform by visiting the website ‘’ You can browse through the codes by just typing them into the Numpad (quick navigation).

2. Add the movie or series to your “My List”

If you have your heart set on a new series or film, such as Bridgerton or Loop Lapeta, you can add it to your watchlist using the “My List” function. You may accomplish this by just hitting the plus icon on your screen once it has opened. Users can access this watchlist by going to “Profiles & More” in the mobile app’s navigation bar, or by going to “Menu” on the left side of the homepage if they’re using a smart TV.

3. Audio Description

Closed captions [CC] are one of the accessibility features that can be found in most current movies for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. Netflix has previously implemented this on the majority of its original programming and has now gone a step further by offering an Audio Description feature.

To do so, start watching a video and then go to the Dialogue icon box to change the audio language. Auditory descriptions of an actor’s emotion, facial expressions, overall surroundings, and any other components that occur on-screen will subsequently be available to visually challenged viewers.

4. Make a note of it

If you’re looking forward to certain new films/series/shows, you can set a reminder on Netflix so that you’ll be notified when that series/film is available on the platform. All you have to do is open the relevant Netflix movies/shows and select the bell symbol or “Remind Me” option. It will also be automatically added to the “My List” category.

So no more FOMO; you can be the first in your gang to view any new series or film before your friends spill the beans.

5. Adjust Data Usage

This feature will come in handy for those who love to watch Netflix on their phones while riding in the car or on the train. Users can lower their mobile data usage by going to their user settings > More > App Settings and selecting Video Playback. By default, Netflix downloads the next episode of a show without warning. You can save a lot of data by switching your download settings to Wi-Fi only.

Users can choose between Low-quality settings, which use only 300 MBs per hour, Medium settings, which use roughly 700 MBs per hour, and HD settings, which require 3 GB per hour for 1080p and 7 GBs for 4K. Once you’ve decided on your data usage, save your settings.

6. Carry on where you left off

If your movie or series was interrupted halfway through for whatever reason, you can resume watching from the “Continue Watching” area. This will be displayed at the very top of your homepage. Because many people find this area bothersome because it appears as soon as you start the app, Netflix is now allowing users to opt-out of the Continue Watching section entirely.

7. Look for titles that are similar to your preferences

If you enjoy a particular Netflix item, you can use the ‘More Like This’ option to find related films and programmes to watch.

Final Thoughts

So Folks with these simple tips and tricks you can upgrade your viewing experience on Netflix. If you have any other tips you want to share with us then drop it in the  comment box.

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