Never Have I Ever Season 3: Know Everything You Need To Know About New Season of Never Have I Ever!

When Mindy Kaling announced in March 2022 that the show would be returning in the summer, she also announced that it had been renewed for a fourth season. It will, however, be the last season of the show.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much. What’s in store for Devi and her complicated love triangle with Ben and Paxton in the near future? As far as the new season goes, what can we expect in terms of bad behaviour?

Here’s everything you need to know about the third season of Never Have I Ever.

A third season of Never Have I Ever?

It appears that the Bevaxton love triangle is far from over, based on where we left off. The sight of Devi and Paxton together at the winter dance has left Ben with an uneasy feeling in his heart, despite his current relationship with Aneesa.

As Devi continues to deal with the loss of her father, she is also still trying to figure out who she is. You can do anything with the Sherman Oaks crew because there is so much more to discover.

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Never Have I Ever Season 3 on Netflix is not currently renewed.

There was no delay in Netflix’s decision to order a third season of Never Have I Ever. There was no doubt in our minds that Netflix would continue the show, in part because of how well-liked it has become.

More than 70 countries have ranked Never Have I Ever among the top 10, with several placing it first. Before Virgin River quickly dethroned it, the show briefly held the top spot in the United States.

We now know how many people have seen the show, thanks to Netflix’s new top 10 website.

There were 132.14 million hours of viewing time between July 11 and August 1st, 2021.

Is season 3 currently in production?

Sherman Oaks residents are in luck! From now until March 1, 2022, all filming for the third season of Never Have I Ever will be wrapped up. In a series of Instagram selfies, Paxton actor Darren Barnet announced that filming had come to an end on February 28, 2022. On the final day of filming season 3 of Never Have I Ever, we ended up in Malibu! We appreciate everyone who helps make this show possible, as well as our loyal viewers. “I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and love,” he wrote in the caption.

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Who will return for season three?

Most likely, the current cast of Never Have I Ever will return for a third season together. Due to the fact that Aneesa chose to remain in Sherman Oaks, there may be significant storylines involving Megan Suri in season 3. At some point in the future, more casting information will be made available. We’ll keep an eye out for it.

New characters aren’t on the list

Yes! Newcomer Anirudh Pisharody joined the cast on January 20, 2022, as announced by the show’s official Instagram account. When you meet Des, he’s the complete package.” @anirudh.pisharody has been added to the cast, the caption reads.

Imported Instagram content is shown here. Their website may have the same content in a different format or even more information than you were looking for.

Actor Anirudh will play Des, a “Indian American teen who is as smart as Devi, but goes to an elite private school,” according to a Deadline report. We can expect even more competition for Devi and Ben now!

Never Have I Ever Season 3 story


In the season two finale, Devi and Paxton made their relationship official and walked into the winter dance together.

His initial plan was to keep their late-night rendezvous a secret out of fear that he would be judged for forgiving Devi for cheating on him by his peers, but she rejected that and walked away.

Devi had gone to the dance alone, but when Trent snatched her date, Eleanor, off the dance floor, she decided to leave.

As soon as Paxton came on the scene, he smashed her over with his jeep and gave us a typical Hollywood ending, but that wasn’t quite how season two ended. Instead, we got a much more dramatic conclusion.

Eleanor told Ben at the end that Devi had been devoted to him for the last few weeks. Throughout the relay, she had done everything she could to keep Aneesa from seeing her.

The moment Eleanor took her to Malibu, she knew she had found her one true love. To be clear, it’s not always him,” he says.

The worst has happened. In Ben’s expression, you could tell that he was still in love with Devi.

The end is nearing for Ben and Aneesa, but that does not mean that Ben and Devi will continue their relationship in the same way that it ended. Devi is clearly infatuated with Paxton, who has returned to the scene.

Here, we cover all of that and more. Whatever happens, you can count on a more in-depth season three.

There will be a personal touch in this season’s story, according to co-creator Kaling.

“I lost a parent, and I think that grief and grieving is such a complicated thing and can take many forms, and we’ve loved the scenes between Devi and her father, Sendhil Ramamurthy, who’s incredible,” she said.

This is what excites me most: the exploration of their relationship and the ways in which you continue to have a relationship with your parents despite their death. ” The prospect of doing so excites us.

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Then there is the fact that she’s just an amusing character who has a good heart, but a tendency to make bad decisions. That’s something I look forward to seeing her do as she approaches college, and what that brings out in her.”

With the show’s fourth season having been announced, we may begin to see the show’s overall endgame begin to take shape.

Is there a Season 3 trailer for Never Have I Ever?

The Season 3 trailer hasn’t been released yet, but keep an eye out!

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