• CountryMark celebrates 75 years

    Fall of 2015 marks the 75 years of oil refining for CountryMark. What began as a group of farmers forming a cooperative for purchasing power, is now a booming refinery with long-term plans to power the region. Erected in 1940, the Mount Vernon oil refinery continues to expand and adapt with the changing marketplace and environmental regulations.

  • Solar Escape opens with new owners

    Mount Vernon residents can enjoy the perfect tan thanks to new, local owners of a popular business.

    Steven and Alicia Lupfer became the new owners of Solar Escape tanning salon in October, and re-opened the business on Nov. 1.

  • New switch install to keep trains moving

    Residents of Mount Vernon have grown accustomed to sitting at a number of railroad crossings in the City. But Evansville Western Railway is working on a few projects to make that wait shorter.

    According to General Manager Robert Buchanan, a couple new switches will help that process.

    “We put in a power switch in at the north leg of the Y going into the port,” said Buchanan. “Instead of a man having to go throw it manually, it can be called in and done from Paducah.”

  • Fire breaks out at A.B. Brown power plant last Tuesday

    Last Tuesday a fire was responded to at the A.B. Brown power plant east of Mount Vernon.

    The fire is still under investigation.

    Vectren spokesperson Natalie Hedde said that emergency action procedures were followed and no injuries occurred due to the fire.

    The fire took place in an area of the plant that was down for maintenance by a third-party contractor.

    Hedde said that area was under a planned maintenance period, and that it is unsure if the fire will delay the maintenance.

  • Training exercise to take place at SABIC

    The Posey County Local Emergency Planning Committee is informing residents of upcoming events taking place, one which will be a training exercise at a local plastics plant.

    On Sat., Nov. 7, from 8:30 a.m. to noon, law enforcement officials, the fire department and other emergency teams will be participating in a training exercise at Sabic Innovative Plastics. The agencies will be simulating the effects of a chemical spill.

  • Ferkey a fixture with spuds in Mount Vernon

    If you have driven down Fourth Street in Mount Vernon through the past 28 years, you have likely seen Greg Ferkey.

    Ferkey sells potatoes and onions out of his tractor-trailer at various spots along Fourth Street mainly in the winter months, but also more now in the late summer.

    For Ferkey, the reason he comes to town to sell his crop is simple.

    “You folks don’t raise many potatoes down here,” said Ferkey.

  • Food trucks in Mount Vernon for first time

    By: Kelsey Wheatcroft-Schapker

    The delightful view of the Ohio River in Mount Vernon on a stunning sunny day doesn’t go unnoticed to new visitors, which is why three food trucks came to our community for their first time on Monday. Residents had the option of Chinese, BBQ, or pub style food, and all three individual food truck owners say they hope to return to Mount Vernon on a regular basis.

    Firehouse BBQ

  • Potential Conventions & Visitors Bureau website to be created for Posey County

    By Kelsey Wheatcroft-Schapker

    The residents of Posey County have pride and commitment when it comes to our town, but one asset our community does not have is a Conventions and Visitor Bureau.

    Acting President of Tourism Commission Jim Spahn spoke at last Tuesday’s council meeting regarding the innkeeper’s tax collection and the tourism commission.

  • Wilson of Lifestyle Tours earns Presidental Club award

    By Corey Woolsey

    In today’s fast paced, internet driven world, travelers have a multitude of options at their disposal when it comes to booking vacations.

    But Lifestyle Tours in New Harmony takes an old approach to the travel business, that offers customers outstanding customer service.

    This service has recently been recognized with the presentation of the President’s Club Award to Tracy Wilson, Tour Director at Lifestyle.

  • CSB headed to New Harmony

    For many New Harmony residents, the closing of Fifth Third Bank in the town was another setback to the community.

    Community State Bank hopes to help ease the pain a bit, setting up a new branch in town.

    The bank will be located inside the Old Mill Mart, providing customers a full-service banking facility in a convenient location.

    “You will be able to walk in and turn right to pay for your gas or coffee and turn left to access our banking services,” said CSB Bank President Steve Bennett.