• Kopatich and wife call it a career

    After a nine-year career as Mount Vernon Superintendent and 28 years prior to that as a teacher and administrator, Dr. Tom Kopatich, along with his wife, Janice, have decided to make this their last year as educators.

    Kopatich, a graduate of Castle High School, began his career at Castle Junior High in 1982, where he taught for five years. He arrived in Mount Vernon as a teacher in 1994, after a seven-year period at Gibson Southern.

    In 2002, he became an administrator at the MSD of Mount Vernon, including Assistant Superintendent to Dr. Keith Spurgeon.

  • Gonzalez hopes to protect, serve and educate in new role as School Resource Officer

    The headlines never seem to let up, they seem to drop back to back.
    School shootings and violence have unfortunately become common in our current culture.
    Gone are the days of not worrying about sending your students to school, for fear they may not be safe.
    The City of Mount Vernon, along with the MSD of Mount Vernon are taking a proactive measure to help alleviate some of those fears for parents.

  • School offices open next week

    The time for students to return to classes is rapidly approaching. The MSD of Mount Vernon recently released information for all students on the upcoming school year.

    All school building offices will open on July 27, 2018. Office hours until school resumes are from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Specific questions should be directed to the appropriate school principal’s office. Please follow each of our schools on Facebook for additional information.

  • School faces uphill battle with summer renovations

    Stepping into Mount Vernon High School currently brings you into a building that has much work to be done to be ready for classes in early August. A mark that Buildings and Grounds Director David Frye said will likely not be hit.

    Last Monday, members of the Mount Vernon School Board took a tour of the school with Frey and other administrators to see what work was to be done on the building.

    The work is part of a project to bring all buildings to the same standards in HVAC, as well as lighing, windows and other improvements.

  • MVHS graduates over 150 in Class of 2018

    The Mount Vernon Senior Class of 2018 celebrated the culmination of their high school lives on Friday at the school’s commencement exercises.

    The class of over 150 entered the gymnasium filled with family and friends to Pomp and Circumstance and settled in to an evening of reflection, memories and joy.

    Senior Class President Emily Duckworth welcomed everyone and Vice President Landon Upshaw introduced the dignitaries in attendance.

  • Hostetter named Junior High Principal

    When The Mount Vernon Junior High was in need of a new Principal for the 2018-19 school year, they didn’t have to look to far.

    Marc Hostetter, the school’s Assistant Principal, will make the long move across the hall this summer.

    Hostetter, known by most from his time as the Mount Vernon Boys Basketball coach, began as Assistant Principal just a year and a half ago. He said the Junior High is a good fit for him.

  • Wildcat English team tops in State

    The Mount Vernon English Super Bowl team came into State competition this past weekend ranked number one, scoring higher than all other 278 teams in all classes at the Area meet last month.

    At the State meet, the tem didn’t disappoint, winning the gold.

    At Conference, the English team was near perfect, scoring 24 out of 25 points.

    The Social Studies team was third, the Science team was second and the Math and Interdisciplanary team were both first at Conference.

  • Hedges project still a huge success

    It has been just short of a decade since the hustle and bustle of students filled the halls of Hedges Central Elementary School in Mount Vernon, but the building is still being put to good use.

    The continuing drop in enrollment numbers cause the closure of the school, and the process of finding another use for the building.

    After the decision was made to make the changeover to a community center, the first person to make the move in was Randy Woodall.

  • Marrs improvements will provide students more inviting learning environment

    Marrs Elementary School is no doubt showing signs of age.

    Windows leak and air conditioning is not extremely efficient, but that is to be expected from a building that hasn’t had a major overhaul in 25 years.

    But that is all coming to a change.

    Two Kindergarten rooms started the entire school renovation last week that includes an energy savings project that Principal Greg DeWeese says should be complete at the end of summer, just in time for school to begin again this fall.

  • MSD of Mount Vernon works to stay prepared on school safety

    A number of law enforcement officials descended upon Mount Vernon High School for a training activity. With all the police vehicles outside, had it been a school day, parents and neighbors may have feared the worst.

    Those assumptions come from the world we live in today, where school violence is at an all-time high and seems to get closer to home every time.

    Less than a month ago, two students were killed and 18 wounded by a 15-year-old who opened fire at Marshall County High School in Benton, KY, just two hours away from Mount Vernon.