• Wastewater plant dedicated to former superintendent Waller

    The only problem former Mayor Jackson Higgins had with his wastewater superintendent was that he did a lot of the work on his own with little to no help from other employees.

  • Silo bid awarded

    The Mount Vernon Board of Public Works awarded its silo bids to an Evansville company during a special meeting Friday, Oct. 15. The board of works voted Friday to award the silo bid to Klenk Co. for $312,000.
    The date, however, of the silo demolition, is unknown as the city is waiting for the grant funds to be released from the state.
    During the meeting, Mount Vernon Mayor John Tucker said the state has the paperwork and could be releasing the funds soon.

  • Mount Vernon awards silo bid

    The days for the old grain silo at the Mount Vernon riverfront are numbered as Mount Vernon Board of Works members awarded a bid Friday for the structure's demolition.
    The Klenck Co., based out of Evansville, submitted the lowest bid for demolition of the silo at $312,489 .
    Bids to demolish the silo were opened last week's regular board of works meeting.
    According to city attorney Beth McFadin Higgins, the bids were legally reviewed before being accepted by the board.

  • Mayor says getting CSO grant is 'huge'

    “This is huge for us,” Mount Vernon Mayor John Tucker said during a press conference regarding the city's $6.5 million grant from the state.
    Earlier this month, the city received news that it was chosen to receive the multi-million grant as part of the federal government's 2008 disaster recovery fund — the largest grant the city has been awarded.
    The money, Tucker said during the conference, will be used to make state-compliant, the city's two remaining combined sewer overflows, or CSOs.

  • Bristol, Mead plan lab that will hire 19

    A pair of tax abatement issues highlighted the Posey County Council agenda last week.
    The abatements were for a decision on the extension that Aventine asked for on their Sept. 1 deadline, and a new abatement for Bristol Myers Squibb-Mead Johnson for a research and development facility.

  • City wins grant for sewer overflow

    Years after the City of Mount Vernon found itself in violation of the state's environmental standards for its combined sewer overflow, also known as CSOs, word made it to the mayor's office about a multi-million dollar grant that would help pay for the city to eliminate its two remaining CSOs.
    Last week, Mayor John Tucker said the city received news that it has been awarded a $6.5 million grant to help with the project that would remove the CSOs.

  • Mount Vernon plans future of riverfront development


    A few weeks after the completion of the first phase of the Mount Vernon riverfront project, city officials are making plans for the second and third phases.
    During the city's regularly scheduled board of public works and safety meeting on Thursday, city officials made a motion to begin plans for the second phase of the riverfront project.