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  • Thrive program offers students a creative and educational experience after school

    Finding ways to provide a constructive way to use time is a challenge for some kids after school in a small town, but a new program is working to offer that in Mount Vernon.

    Thrive is hosted every weekday at First United Methodist Church at Wesley Hall, and in its short existence, it seems to be making a difference.

    The mission statement is to enable every child in the Mount Vernon community to reach their highest potential and be their truest self by providing afterschool programming that is holistic in its approach.

  • Redwine reflects on life, career as he nears retirement

    Retirement is not only the end of a career for most people, but the beginning of a new journey as well.
    For Judge James Redwine, this is no different, as a matter of fact, he says that he and his wife Peg don’t plan to “retire,” but to just concentrate on some of their other interests.

  • Beating the odds, one day at a time

    By Heather Reese

    Hard-working, easy going, healthy, and determined and optimistic are just a few words that describe Marc Schmitzer, a guy everyone comes to love. So when his new bride came home on a beautiful day and found him inside the house, watching television, she knew something was off but didn’t quite know what it was. After several long and exhausting months, too many doctors’ appointments and tests to keep track of, Marc finally received a diagnosis that would forever change his life and those around him.


  • Riders raise money for Soldier Dogs

    The American Legion Riders held their fourth annual Bike Show at River Days this year, with Jeeps added to the mix for the second year.

    The group did made Soldier Dogs for Independence their non-profit to help again this year.

    Soldier Dogs for Independence is a non-profit that designed to help our local veterans who live with physical and or mental injuries.

  • Food Pantry helping through rising need

    The River Bend Food Pantry, under Director Cheryl Boettcher, is helping the community, a community where the need is rising.

    Boettcher said that since March, the pantry has seen need rise, up around 300 people.

    According to the mission, the pantry provides a family in need, a two to three day emergency supply of food.

    Those in need can come to the office at Hedges Door 2, during business hours, Monday Wednesday and Friday, 9 a.m. to noon.

  • It's Oktoberfest everyday in Liberti's Beer Museum

    The origins of beer can be traced back around 7000 years ago in Iran.

    Chemical testing done on pottery jars from the era have shown this to be the case.

    For Mount Vernon’s Frank Liberti, an appreciation for beer began a collection that continues to grow.

    Liberti’s home, contains what he calls the Posey County Beer Museum, where the admission is on him.

    As a matter of fact, Liberti pays visitors to the museum with a cold brew and fun stories on how he obtained many of the now 4,467 cans in his collection.

  • St. Matthew's Oktoberfest continues to grow in third year

    The third annual St. Matthew’s Oktoberfest is set for this Saturday.

    The event will take place at the school lot from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

    General admission is $15 for admission and a drink ticket. There is also a Cub Special, which is two admissions, six drink tickets and two steins for $40.

    The Oktoberfest began as a way to provide a fundraiser for the school that was big enough to eliminate some smaller ones.

    This year, organizers have tried to improve things.

  • Mount Vernon native stars in new horror film

    When Mark Nation-Ellis was offered the chance to audition for a locally-shot horror film, he jumped at the chance.
    “One of my best friends had been cast in the film earlier,” said Nation-Ellis. “I was told the there was an opening for the father role, so I called the director, did a screen test and landed the role.”
    The director was Jed Brian, a 29-year-old graduate of Red Hill High School in Illinois and a resident of Sumner, IL.
    Brian graduated from ITT Tech in Newburgh in 2010 with a major in Digital Entertainment.

  • Posey County received 26 life saving defibrillators

    A combination of grants and partnerships helped fund the purchase of 26 pieces of lifesaving equipment known as AEDs in Posey County.

    Automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, send electrical impulses to the heart of someone suffering sudden cardiac arrest to try to restore a natural rhythm. Although AEDs are not frequently used during emergency runs, according to Posey County EMS Director Chuck Thompson, the portable machines can mean the difference between life and death when it is needed.

  • First United Methodist Youth Group lends a helping hand in Mount Vernon

    By Heather Reese