Local News

  • Posey Sheriff answers questions about new helmet safety law

    On July 1, an Indiana law was passed requiring anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet while traveling on an off-road vehicle.

    The law states that “an individual less than eighteen (18) years of age who is operating or riding on an off-road vehicle shall wear a helmet that meets the DOT standards.”  

    The new law applies to all minors riding on both public and private land.

  • Mount Vernon man arrested for car theft

    On Friday at approximately 10:38 p.m., Evansville Police responded the Pizza Hut on St. Joseph Avenue after receiving a report that a 2004 Dodge Stratus had just been stolen.

    The driver is employed at Pizza Hut and left her keys in the car while she walked inside the restaurant to pick up an order for delivery.

    About five minutes after the call was placed, Trooper Tyler Widner and a Mount Vernon police officer spotted the stolen vehicle on SR 62 passing the William Keck Bypass near Mount Vernon.

  • Poseyville Regional Medical Center opens its doors

    Less than nine months after construction plans were first announced, the new Poseyville Regional Medical Center opened its doors to the public.

    The $700,000 facility was a collaboration between local officials, residents and state imitative programs to create an easily accessible location for medical care.

  • FEMA visits Posey County to assess flood damage

    Posey County was the second stop for Federal Emergency Relief Agency (FEMA) officials making rounds this month to inspect damage for possible assistance reimbursement.

    Posey County Emergency Management Agency Director Larry Robb said he sat down with the FEMA team June 22 to discuss damage and provide cost documentation. The FEMA reps also went out in the field with the Posey County Highway Department and Mount Vernon Street Department to view damage and check repairs that have been made.

  • Refused services charges may be headed to Posey EMS

    The Posey County EMS service is looking to add charges for refused services.

    The ordinance, if passed would allow the department to charge for visits to the home that does not involve a trip to the hospital.

    Director Chuck Thompson to the Posey County Commissioners that charging for this type of service is typical in most other counties, but Posey has yet to pass an ordinance.

    Thompson said the average rate for Basic Life Support on a call, which typically uses no supplies is around $50 in other areas.

  • Williams named official town historian of Poseyville

    Poseyville never had an official town historian before the town council selected resident Chad Williams for the role at a meeting last week.

    The decree was joined by a proclamation designating June 14 Chad Williams Day.

    It was a moving gesture for Williams, who has spent the last 17 years working to preserve the rich history of his hometown.

  • Two new Visit Posey County commercials air on TV

    Visit Posey County, a tourism group led by director Kari Mobley, launched two new commercials this month in two different markets.

    They’re part of a multi-tier marketing campaign focused on getting “heads on beds and feet on the street.”

    “The goal of Visit Posey County is to attract tourists to this area and get them to spend the night here,” said Mobley, who took over her position three months ago. “It helps generate money in the area that likely wouldn’t have been coming in otherwise.”

  • New ‘green machine’ recycling truck rolls into Mount Vernon

    It will be difficult for Mount Vernon residents to miss the new recycling truck rolling through city streets starting this week. With a 30,000 pound capacity and a total weight of about 20 tons, the bright green machine is the largest – and most expensive – purchase the Posey County Solid Waste District has made in years.

  • Are school zone speed limits in effect over the summer?

    Most drivers know to slow down in school zones when school is in session, but what happens when school is out for the summer?

    It turns out that it depends on the circumstance.

    According to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the speed limit through most school zones in Posey County and many surrounding area is 20 miles per hour between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. That speed can vary depending on where that school is located (Marrs Elementary School off Highway 62 has a school zone speed of 50 mph, for example.)

  • Akbar brings love of poetry to New Harmony

    By Corey Woolsey

    Kevah Akbar’s dream was to come to New Harmony. While it may have not been New Harmony specifically, the town was perfect for him.

    It has been heaven to wander around the town,” said Akbar. “This is a beautiful place where there is a ton of wild stuff to see, like a roofless church and the camera obscura house.”

    Born in Tehran, Iran, Akbar is a poet on the rise in America.