• Suspect a meth lab?

    According to Posey County Narcotics Unit Supervisor Kenny Rose, signs of a meth lab include the smell of ammonia or ether, altered LP tanks, or gas grill tanks that look like the valves have been altered, often found in yards; soda bottles with tubing; and blacked-out windows with either foil, heavy covering or painted. Rose said other signs include heavy traffic to and from the house with quick visits at odd hours.
    Other indicators, provided by the Drug Enforcement Agency include:

  • Police have new weapon in arsenal for fighting meth problem

    In the next year, the meth lab bust rate could skyrocket in Posey County and possibly the whole state of Indiana.

    This week, Indiana State Police launched a new website that will help police — state, county and municipal — keep track of meth ingredient purchases, and also receive tips from the public.
    The tracking of pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in the production of meth, is nothing new in Indiana.

  • Kershaw enters plea to manslaughter

    With less than a week until his trial, a Mount Vernon man pleaded guilty to manslaughter and attempted manslaughter charges.