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  • Retirement planning should be a year-round thought, not just a new year trend

    Like physical fitness, financial fitness is often a goal of New Year’s Resolutions. But according to Jeff Greenwell, owner of Smart Retirement Solutions LLC in Mount Vernon, it should be something on your mind year round and at a young age.

    “Unless you put a real plan in place, it isn’t going to change anything,” said Greenwell. “Retirement is a big deal. The closer I get to retirement the more important I think it is.”

  • Move Mount Vernon makes new year resolutions a reality

    If you find yourself driving on West Fourth Street in Mount Vernon one evening and see a full parking lot and a building with steamy windows, you will likely be passing Move Mount Vernon, the newest fitness center in the city opened by Dustin Boyer and his wife Kelsey.

    Move MV has taken off with a fast start, and Dustin says that they couldn’t have done it without help.

    “We want to thank our friends and family for the help, as well as the community,” said Boyer.

  • Indiana Coalition for Public Education report card grades state legislators

    The Indiana Coalition for Public Education recently released a Legislative Report Card, grading the Indiana State Senators and House Members who filed for reelection in 2018.
    The grading was based on six bills that either promoted the expansion of private school vouchers, increased tex credits giving taxpayer money to scholarships for private schools, cut voter control of public education or supported or harmed public education.

  • Kopatich and wife call it a career

    After a nine-year career as Mount Vernon Superintendent and 28 years prior to that as a teacher and administrator, Dr. Tom Kopatich, along with his wife, Janice, have decided to make this their last year as educators.

    Kopatich, a graduate of Castle High School, began his career at Castle Junior High in 1982, where he taught for five years. He arrived in Mount Vernon as a teacher in 1994, after a seven-year period at Gibson Southern.

    In 2002, he became an administrator at the MSD of Mount Vernon, including Assistant Superintendent to Dr. Keith Spurgeon.

  • The pen is mightier than the gavel

    Writing is a passion of Judge Jim Redwine, a passion that developed as an English major at Indiana University, but also in his younger years.

    “Even in high school I liked to write,” said Redwine. “Things I thought were amusing. Then I wrote for the school newspaper a little and was on the annual staff.”

    Writing in college and law school was also something Redwine enjoyed.

    Redwine bagn to share his knack for writing with the Posey County community 27 years ago, when he began his weekly newspaper column, The Gavel Gamut.

  • Looking inside the numbers of the 2018 Posey County General Election

    What will be remembered most from the 2018 Posey County General Election will likely be the dominance of the Republican Party. The potential of a blue wave as some thought could be in store was blocked by a wall of red.
    However, there are some interesting numbers to study when looking at the precinct by precinct breakdown.
    Overall numbers
    Voter turnout was extremely high for this election, with citizens looking to make an impact. 59.58 percent of registered voter came out to the Posey polls and cast their ballot, which totaled 10,792.

  • Election Day 2018

    What some anticipated to be a potential blue wave of Democratic support, turned into Republican dominance in the November 6 General Election in Posey County.

    Republicans won nearly every major seat in the County, with the exception of those races that were unopposed.

    Local Races

    Circuit Court Judge

    In what may have been the biggest surprise of the night, Craig Goedde -R defeated Trent Van Haaften to become the next Posey County Circuit Court Judge, 6,160 to 4,479. Goedde carried 58 percent of the vote.

  • School offices open next week

    The time for students to return to classes is rapidly approaching. The MSD of Mount Vernon recently released information for all students on the upcoming school year.

    All school building offices will open on July 27, 2018. Office hours until school resumes are from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Specific questions should be directed to the appropriate school principal’s office. Please follow each of our schools on Facebook for additional information.

  • The law life of Judge Jim Redwine

    With a career on the bench spanning four decades, Judge Jim Redwine will pound the gavel for the final time this year. A gavel, which he says he has actually never used.

    The early years as Circuit Court Judge were challenging, which Redwine says should be addressed in Law School today.

    “I have written several articles over the years about how law school should be changed and how judges should be educated,” said Redwine. “A lot of judges take the bench, and they have never judged a case. They have never been taught how to judge a case.”

  • Borrowed Hearts lends a hand to foster families

    By Corey Woolsey and Heather Reese

    Imagine receiving a phone call at any moment from Indiana DCS saying two little boys are going to be placed with you in a matter of hours. Panic sets in, you look around your home and realize you need so many things for these little boys, with little time and resources to obtain them. That is where Borrowed Hearts Foundation comes into play. Sarah Gough, Executive Director and Founder, founded Borrowed Hearts Foundation in November of 2015.