Octavia Spencer Mourns the Loss of Her Nephew in Heartbreaking Post

Octavia Spencer is mourning the death of her mother. On Tuesday, the Oscar winner took to Instagram to announce the death of a family member.

“Grief. Today was the second-worst day of my life, although you wouldn’t know it from this photo “Spencer, 52, captioned a photo of pink flowers in a jar in front of a painting with a melancholy message.

“We’re devastated,” she added, “since my family has lost the first of the next generation of us.” “I can’t joke my way out of grief, therefore it’s the most terrible of emotions for me. It is necessary for me to experience.”

She is, according to Spencer, “My heart goes out to my sister, who recently lost her only child. Her one and only son.”


“If you’re praying people, pray for her and my brother-in-law,” Spencer wrote at the end of her post, requesting prayers from her fans.

Spencer celebrated her birthday just six days ago, and in a previous post, she described the occasion as “bittersweet,” lamenting the country’s “apathy” for catastrophes. Following the catastrophic murders in Texas and New York earlier this month, Spencer sent a powerful statement emphasizing the need for gun control legislation.

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